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RE: Street lights INOP in Linfield Oaks

From: Nagaya, Nicole H <"Nagaya,>
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2017 15:32:13 +0000

Hi Mr. Stoffer,

Thank you for the message and for reporting this issue last week to MPPD. The street lights in this area of Linfield Oaks are on a KV (kilo-volt) regulated output (RO) circuit, which only PG&E can repair if there is damage. These streetlights, when they fail, do so in a series like old-style Christmas lights, which can cause an entire neighborhood outage like we're experiencing in Linfield Oaks. RO circuit failures and street light outages are commonly caused by equipment failures or accidental damage if a line is cut.

We are working with PG&E to make the repairs to the street lights as soon as possible. As of yesterday afternoon, they are currently waiting on a replacement component to come in so that they can complete the repair.

Thanks for your patience.


Nicole H. Nagaya, PE
Assistant Public Works Director
City of Menlo Park

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Sent: Monday, February 6, 2017 8:33 PM
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Subject: Street lights INOP in Linfield Oaks

The street lights in Linfield Oaks have been out for about two weeks. Sherwood Way, Linfield, Waverly and Laurel. I reported it last week to MPPD dispatch.

It's dark, wet, and a safety hazard.

Stuart Soffer

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