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Santa Clara County Sheriff Detective David Carroll

From: domainremoved <Jason>
Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2017 20:19:57 -0500

Mayor and councilors,

Santa Clara County Sheriff Detective David Carroll is a violent stalker who harassed and threatened witnesses to the [manslaughter of Robert Moss](http://www.uglyjudge.com/santa-clara-county-hiding-deaths-robert-moss-charles-copeland/) who died as result of fraud committed by judge Socrates Peter Manoukian.

By committing fraud, detective David Carroll has agreed by stipulation to be be exposed before hundreds of thousands of people. Detective Carroll's victims include the residents of [Willow Housing in Menlo Park ](http://www.eahhousing.org/pages/apartmentdetail/123)

Regards Jason

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Subject: Fraud and manslaughter by judge manoukian
Local Time: February 4, 2017 4:13 PM
UTC Time: February 5, 2017 12:13 AM
From: jasmoore_at_(domainremoved)mail.ch
To: laura.garnette_at_(domainremoved)_at_(domainremoved)

Laura Garnette San Jose Probation chief

My name is Jason Moore and I am responsible for this site;

When you and your staff decided to commit fraud, you agreed by stipulation to be exposed by the coalition before hundreds of thousands of people. Those were the conditions we set in 2012. These conditions have not changed and there are no exceptions.

And these also are mine (done while Cary Crittenden was in jail) https://aleksandraridgeway.wordpress.com


And dozens of other sites are also mine and the Ridgeways were my assignment for 22 month time period. Sheriff Detectives Samy Tarazii and David Carroll deliberately swapped out my name on the police reports and put Cary Crittenden's name instead.

I have never met Cary Crittenden or spoke with him or communicated with him. I am simply one of the original first responders and one of the first 60 people to take the pledge. The pledge was that we would expose anyone who participates in any acts of fraud connected to the EAH Housing scandal. This has never been a secret and we have been very public with our campaign an mission. You know a man got killed because of this fraud and if you or your staff participate you are accessory to manslaughter: http://www.uglyjudge.com/santa-clara-county-hiding-deaths-robert-moss-charles-copeland/

We will not stop exposing you and everyone who participates.

Regards Jason

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Received on Sat Feb 04 2017 - 17:23:20 PST

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