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Agenda Item G-8: Do Not Approve Due to Significant Errors in Commission Attendance Report

From: domainremoved <Allan>
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2017 18:18:37 -0800

Honorable Mayor Keith and City Council Members.

As a member of the Menlo Park Environmental Quality Commission (EQC), I
formally request the City Council *not approve* the City Commission
Attendance Report and Proposed Policy Changes, and instead, direct the City
Clerk to take two immediate actions:


   *I request that the Council direct the City Clerk to do a full audit of
   commission attendance records before re-submitting the a revised attendance
   report at a future meeting. The commission attendance report you received
   tonight has several factual errors. *

I recently received a letter from the City Clerk indicating I had missed 5
out of 9 commission meetings in 2016, thus violating the City’s Commission
attendance policy.

The City Clerk’s report is in error. In fact, I missed only 3 meetings in
2016. My attendance at the EQC meetings is accurately and fully documented
in the meeting minutes for each EQC meeting in 2016, but not accurately
recorded in the Clerk’s attendance report. There are other errors in the
Clerk's report for EQC attendance where the report does not match
attendance recorded in the commission's meeting minutes. They are apparent
with a simple review of Commission meeting minutes. If those errors were
missed by the City Clerk, then I expect there are other errors in the
report for other commissions.


   *I request that the Council direct the City Clerk to immediately
   eliminate the Clerk’s policy of having different commissions meet on the
   same night each month. For example, The EQC and Park & Recreation
   Commission (PRC) meetings are held on the same night each month. *

As a result of that scheduling conflict, I missed two EQC meetings in 2016
because I attended two lengthy PRC meetings on drones at Bedwell Bayfront
Park. Because of the City Clerk’s meeting policy, I was forced into a
no-win situation: miss an EQC meeting or fail to represent a community
advocacy group on a very important public policy decision. The City
Clerk’s meeting schedule policy is setting up your commissioners to violate
the City’s attendance Policy.

Unless there is a change in commission meeting schedules, with the PRC’s
effort to review the Master Plan for Bedwell Bayfront Park in 2017, I
expect I’ll be forced several times to choose between the EQC and the PRC.
There is no reason to schedule two city commission meetings on the same
night each month. It’s a disservice to your commissioners, advocates, and

For two years, I have repeatedly asked City Staff to change this
double-booking to avoid this conflict in public meetings. After two years,
there has been no action to schedule commission meetings on but there has
been no action. As a result, I’m appealing directly to you so that the City
Clerk no longer sets up your commissioners to violate the City’s Commission
attendance policy.

Due to the City Clerk’s error-laden attendance report that has been
publicly released prior to this meeting, I -- and possibly other
commissioners -- were named in a recent San Jose Mercury story --
completely based on the Clerk’s report -- as violating the City’s
Commission attendance policy.

When you google my name, that is the first news story that pops up. That
story is based on the Clerk’s error.

I run a rapidly growing business in corporate security that has a number of
employees that live in Menlo Park. Corporate security is a reputation-based
business. Thanks to the Clerk’s error, my reputation has been falsely
imputed and my business potentially materially impacted.

As a result of the City Clerk’s errors, I again ask that the City Council
not approve the Clerk’s attendance report. I also ask that the Council
request an immediate audit the Clerk’s attendance report for all
commissions and eliminate the same-night scheduling of commission meetings.

Thank you for your consideration.

Allan Bedwell


Menlo Park Environmental Quality Commission

15 Nancy Way
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Received on Tue Jan 24 2017 - 18:22:44 PST

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