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Bike and Transportation Commissions

From: domainremoved <Henry>
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2017 09:16:13 -0800

Honorable Councilmembers,

Tonight you will review the BC and TC two year work plans. The staff
reports outline a short list of goals for each.

While its understood that the BC represents the "perspective" of bike
riders, it is important for council to keep a citywide perspective of
how streets are used, and by whom. For example, several key roadways
serve tens of thousands of motorists per day, and dozens of
bicyclists. These numbers should make the priority clear, yet during
the ConnectMenlo process, such perspective was glaringly absent.

The TC goals in the staff report are most surprising (see below).
All three goals are geared towards bicycles and walking - not one
even acknowledges how 95% of us must travel within our town. This is
incredible. So we have the bicycle perspective, but no apparent
representation of the tens of thousands of motorists concerned about
daily traffic jams. (The often repeated claim that dozens of
bicycles will solve a problem in the tens of thousands is
embarrassing to hear from professional staff.) Lets ask, what does
council expect of their Transportation Commission?

The transportation profession is currently heavily influenced by
advocacy and all planners share a dislike for cars, but most of us
don't live at one train station and work at another. Menlo Park is
not San Francisco. Our real world requires autos until a real
transportation infrastructure is in place - and frankly, we are not
managing our roadways well. Council will hear the advocacy, but has
to be hold the overall perspective for our suburban town.

The TC goals need to be re-written to focus on making traffic flow in
Menlo Park.


Henry Riggs

"The TC created standing subcommittees
that align with each of the following three work plan focus areas:
Facilitate a robust safe routes to school program

Create transportation infrastructure, policies, and activities in
support of a vibrant downtown and City

Encourage Menlo Park to adopt Vision Zero"
Received on Tue Jan 24 2017 - 09:19:43 PST

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