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Parents for Safe Routes - Announcing our Launch

From: domainremoved <Jennifer>
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2017 14:52:35 -0800

Dear Mayor Keith and Menlo Park City Council Members,

I am proud to officially introduce to you a new Menlo Park community
advocacy group: *Parents for Safe Routes. *We are a local group of
dedicated families and neighbors committed to making our schools as
walkable and bikeable as possible. Our goal is to encourage and support
local jurisdictions and schools in their efforts to improve the safety of
our kids. We see ourselves as partners with cities, the County, schools and
neighbors and we look forward to collaborating with and working together to
truly make Safe Routes a reality in Menlo Park.

A great deal of information about who we are and what we're about can be
found on our website at www.parents4saferoutes.org. In addition,a Mercury
News article written yesterday also contains an overview:

While you can read details about our group, a few important things to note

   - We are here to improve the conditions to and from EVERY Menlo Park
   school. Our ultimate scope will include schools in all public school
   districts that Menlo Park children attend (MPCSD, Las Lomitas, Ravenswood,
   Sequoia), as well as all private schools. We want to be as inclusive and
   thorough as possible.
   - This is a marathon, not a sprint. It will take time to work through
   the multi-jurisdictional complexities of our area and to network and
   navigate through the community and the agencies. We are committed to
   sticking with this.
   - We are not here to dictate a solution to problems. We are here to help
   identify areas that need improvement and to offer our support.
   - We are not here to point fingers or to harp on how things have been.
   We are looking towards the future and optimistic that by working together,
   we can make a difference.
   - While our name is "Parents" for Safe Routes, we also want to include
   neighbors and anyone concerned about traffic, in the conversation.
   - We are not anti-car or anti-parking. We support all efforts to reduce
   single occupancy vehicle driving to schools, including carpools, more
   busing and other creative solutions.
   - We are a work in progress and, to borrow from Silicon Valley speak, we
   plan to "pivot" when and where it makes sense.

In addition to a leadership team made up of Parents for Safe Routes Parent
Coordinators at each school, we are also honored to have received the
support from the following Advisory Committee members:

   - Kirsten Keith - City of Menlo Park, Mayor
   - Cindy Welton - Menlo Park Bicycle Commission, Chair
   - Michael Meyer - Menlo Park Transportation Commision, Member
   - Andrew Barnes - Menlo Park Planning Commission, Member
   - Stacey Jones - MPCSD School Board Trustee
   - Ahmad Sheikholeslami - MPCSD Chief Business Officer
   - Theresa Vallez-Kelly - San Mateo County Office of Education Safe
   Routes to School Coordinator
   - Diane Bailey - Menlo Spark, Executive Director
   - Kathleen Daly - Owner, Cafe Zoe
   - Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart - Willows Neighbor
   - Dr. Thomas Weiser - Stanford Trauma Surgeon
   - Sylvia Star-Lack - Safe Routes Advocate

Even though we only publicly launched a few days ago, as of 2:25pm today,
over 70 people have joined our mailing list (and more join every hour).
Menlo Park is ready for this kind of community partnership. We look forward
to working with you in the years ahead.

I will be at the January 24th City Council meeting to introduce our group
in person.

Very sincerely,

Jen Wolosin
Parents for Safe Routes
415-710-5838 <(415)%20710-5838>
Website: www.parents4saferoutes.org
Join our mailing list at
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/parents4saferoutes/
Received on Fri Jan 20 2017 - 14:55:57 PST

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