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Greenheart 1300 Station

From: domainremoved <Glen>
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2017 17:33:38 -0800

Mayor and Members of the City Council

A vibrant downtown that provides a diversity of services with quality restaurants and other amenities that generate visitors and patrons to these services is a high priority for many Menlo Park residents. The adoption of the Downtown Specific Plan in June 2012 provided the foundation for this transformation to take place. Numerous meetings with 100’s of residents and business owners attending took place over a four year period. It was clear in these meetings that residents and business owners wanted positive change that would improve the vibrancy of our already quaint downtown.

The Greenheart 1300 Station project provides an excellent start to the redevelopment of the downtown area but more specifically to the El Camino Real corridor that has become an eye sore for so many years. Station 1300 provides a balance of office space that will generate patrons to the downtown, housing close to the train station, additional retail services, open space and plazas and bike lanes to compliment the City Council’s goal of making our city more bike friendly. Traffic is always a concern as it should be. But, Station 1300 actually generates less traffic trips than what was projected in the EIR overall for this site location. Yes we will see increased traffic based on the condition of the site today but more importantly we will see more pedestrian traffic to our downtown! Residents from the housing component will be able to easily walk or ride a bike (up Oak Grove) to the downtown without ever having to take their vehicle out of the garage.

The architecture being proposed and approved by the Planning Commission will do the area proud. The articulation, colors and open spaces will be a real improvement to the El Camino Real corridor and to the downtown entry areas.

As a Menlo Park Chamber of Commerce board member (representing the Rotary Club of Menlo Park) I would highly encourage the City Council to approve this project after carefully reviewing the benefits and value it brings to our city.


Glen Rojas
Chamber of Commerce Board Member
Former Menlo Park City Manager
Received on Wed Jan 18 2017 - 17:37:08 PST

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