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Station 1300

From: domainremoved <Jeff>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2017 18:17:20 -0800

Menlo Park Council Members,

I am in strong support of Station 1300 and hope that you all vote in favor of the project when it comes in front of Council on January 24th. My family and I have lived in Menlo Park for 13 years and currently live on Johnson Street, walking distance from Station 1300. One of the primary reasons we selected Menlo Park (and specifically the reason we chose to move to Johnson Street six years ago) when we relocated from the Washington DC area was the ability to have a small downtown with amenities and services within walking distance. In DC, whether in Georgetown, Woodley Park, or Chevy Chase Village, we lived within easy walking distance of retail stores, movie theaters, doctors offices, grocery stores, public transportation, etc. Through this experience we learned the importance and benefits of having the ability to be able to walk, rather than get in a car to drive, when we wanted to go out to dinner, run errands, or even commute to work. From many perspectives, most notably quality of life and environm
ental sensitivity, having a well-developed, walkable downtown is beneficial and possibly even essential. This is what attracted us to Menlo Park, and I view Station 1300 as an important enhancement to our downtown, especially because it will add much-needed, quality rental housing and public spaces.

Furthermore, we all live in an amazing, dynamic area with demand drivers such as Sand Hill Road’s venture capital concentration, Stanford University, and more recently, Facebook. Long-term, these institutions and many others will create demand for jobs and housing in our community. It is incumbent on Menlo Park, and all the towns and cities on the Peninsula, to take full advantage of the land surrounding Caltrain stations by developing this land densely to best accommodate this growth. Failing to do this and opposing projects such as Station 1300 will not stop job and housing growth - it will simply push it to the edges of the Bay Area creating more traffic and pollution and lowering the quality of life for all of us.

The development of Station 1300 as proposed is smart, sustainable land use and the best way to accommodate growth long-term and on a regional basis. Station 1300 will add office workers to drive demand at Menlo Park restaurants and businesses during the day; residential to provide a high-quality, lower cost alternative to buying a home in Menlo Park; and commercial and public spaces to enhance the street level commercial district. Many of the Station 1300 office workers and residents can use Caltrain, cutting traffic and emissions, and a blighted site will be put to good use.

My thanks to City Staff for all of the hard work they have put in to get Station 1300 to this point, and I hope you all vote “yes” on January 24th.

Jeff Berkes
1303 Johnson Street
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Received on Mon Jan 16 2017 - 18:20:45 PST

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