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Re: Menlo Park Bike Route - Crane between Live Oak and Menlo Ave.

From: domainremoved <Steve>
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2017 20:45:55 -0800

Hi Nicole,

Iım sharing a few picture I took recently of the street and the bump/utility
line. One of the shots taken is from ground level so that you can see the

Youıll see that the street is quite narrow when cars are parked on both


Steve Eisner

From: "Nagaya, Nicole H" <nhnagaya_at_(domainremoved)
Date: Thursday, December 22, 2016 at 8:34 AM
To: "Keith, Kirsten" <KKeith_at_(domainremoved)
Subject: RE: Menlo Park Bike Route - Crane between Live Oak and Menlo Ave.

Hi Mr. Eisner and Mayor Keith,
Thank you for your message and inquiry regarding the Oak
Grove-Crane-University Bicycle Improvement Project. The proposed project
includes plans for bike lanes on Oak Grove Avenue and University Drive; some
on-street parking removal is needed to install the new bicycle lanes since
the streets are not wide enough to fit vehicles, bikes, and parked cars in
both directions. However, on Crane Street and Live Oak Avenue, no parking
elimination is proposed. Our staff analyzed the current volumes and travel
speeds on Crane and Live Oak and determined those streets would be marked
with ³sharrows² to illustrate the street space would be shared between bikes
and cars. No changes to Menlo Avenue are proposed at this time.
I am still trying to track down more information regarding the utility line
and the dip in the roadway that you mentioned to determine the background
and if there is a short-term or long-term fix. Weıll circle back with you in
January with more information.
Nicole H. Nagaya, PE
Transportation Manager
City of Menlo Park
City Hall will be closed starting Friday, December 23, 2016 for the
holidays. We will reopen Monday, January 2, 2017. I will be also out of the
office until Monday, January 9, 2017.
From: Kirsten Keith [mailto:kkeith_at_(domainremoved)
Sent: Monday, December 19, 2016 12:32 PM
To: Nagaya, Nicole H <nhnagaya_at_(domainremoved)
Subject: Re: Menlo Park Bike Route - Crane between Live Oak and Menlo Ave.

Hello Mr. Eisner,


Thank you for your email. Nikk, would you mind responding to Mr. Eisner
with the proportions and widths of the proposed changes to the street?


Can you also address the "sharp bump of pavement running the width of the
road that seems to be covering a utility..."


Thank you so much.


Best regards,




On Sun, Dec 18, 2016 at 7:44 PM Steve Eisner <steve_at_(domainremoved)
> Dear Council,
> I am a resident and homeowner of 676 Live Oak Avenue. I just came across the
> Almanacıs article on the MP Bicycle Safety Concept Plan approved by the
> council on December 6th.
> While I fully support improving bicycle safety in the downtown Menlo Park
> area, particularly for those students biking from West Menlo to Menlo Atherton
> High School as well as commuters to and from Menlo Park to Stanford
> University, Iım writing to voice concern about the existing ability Crane
> Street between Live Oak Avenue and Menlo Avenue to safely accommodate cars and
> bicycles in a forthcoming bike lane given its current narrow width.
> Many of us on Live Oak Avenue use Crane to access the Santa Cruz corridor, and
> currently when cars are parked on Crane at the curb, there is very little
> space between passing cars. Generally one car will need to pull over to the
> side to let the other car through. Itıs unclear to me how the stretch between
> Live Oak and Menlo will accommodate two bike lanes AND car traffic, unless
> street parking is removed. I would imagine residents of Crane will not want
> the loss of street parking, but the addition of two bike lanes and maintenance
> of street parking appears to be mutually exclusive at the present time unless
> the street is widened significantly or street parking is eliminated. I
> encourage each of you to visit that stretch of road.
> Finally, if and when you visit, you will find a sharp bump of pavement running
> the width of the road that seems to be covering a utility pipe of some sort.
> It is currently paved yellow and has been there for the 20 years I have lived
> on Live Oak. It is an uncomfortable and jolting nuisance that I hope the
> forthcoming work on Crane between Live Oak and Menlo will address and mitigate
> by paving the segment flat. That would improve safety and comfort for both
> drivers and cyclists.
> Again, I support this project and request that my concerns be addressed by the
> Council.
> Iım glad to answer any questions you might have.
> Regards,
> Steve Eisner
> 676 Live Oak
> ____________________________________
> Steven B. Eisner, M.I.A.
> <http://new.sipa.columbia.edu/academics/programs/master-of-international-affai
> rs>
> Director of Export Compliance
> and University Export Control Officer
> Office of the Vice Provost
> and Dean of Research
> 408 Panama Mall, Room 331
> Stanford University
> Stanford, CA 94305-2064
> Phone: (650) 724-7072
> Fax: (650) 723-0662
> DoR Export Controls Home Page
> <http://doresearch.stanford.edu/research-scholarship/export-controls>
> About Steve <https://profiles.stanford.edu/steven-eisner>
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