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While not a weighty subject allowing people to "adopt" and name storm drains that they take care of is a nice idea

From: domainremoved <Chuck>
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2017 23:38:25 -0800

Hello Menlo Park City Council members,

There was an article in the SF Chronicle on December 23rd that caught my
eye about allowing people who take care of their neighborhood drains to
"adopt" and name them.


This is part of the article.

The PUC’s Adopt-a-Drain program was partly the brainchild of agency
spokeswoman Jean Walsh, whose goal, she said, was to prevent flooding in
neighborhoods by having residents clear away debris that covers drains
during storms. Her inspiration was Boston’s “Adopt-a-Hydrant” initiative
that gives volunteers the responsibility to shovel snow and ice off their
neighborhood fire hydrants.

San Francisco has provided an online interactive map showing the different
options and locations of drains awaiting adoption. So far, more than 565
residents have adopted 934 of San Francisco’s 25,000 storm drains. After a
bit of training, residents in shiny orange vests, with shovels, brooms and
gloves provided by the city, can be seen on wet days clearing detritus from
their adopted storm drains. The care they give prevents pools and puddles
of water from forming, helping the agency curb flooding.
I realize that this is not a weighty issue (and there may not be this
problem in Menlo Park) and there is some work involved to implement it but
may be something worthwhile considering.

Full disclosure: I take care of a drain close to the corner of Valparaiso
and University where I live so as to not have water backup and impact any
residential houses.

Good luck in 2017,

P.S. Its nice to see construction start at Glenwood and ECR. Hope that the
project at Oak Grove gets approved and starts soon.

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