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Oak Grove Bike Route

From: domainremoved <Nate>
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2016 12:28:00 -0800

Dear Council,

Thank you for all the hard work, attention to detail and long hours you
provide on our behalf.

Last night I heard a compromise proposal that I believe entailed narrowing
the bike lane to a foot and a half on parts of Oak Grove east of El Camino.
In January a CA law went into effect requiring a 3 foot clearance for a
driver to pass a cyclist. I wonder if there is enough space to legally pass
on Oak Grove when the bike lane is so small? I also wonder if there are
future legal ramifications (e.g. a two way street less than 31' may only be
designated as sharrows) that might apply someday soon.

There was also a bit of discussion around the numbers in the feedback
survey. I would agree that they are largely useless but for a different
reason than most last night. As a resident of Menlo Park on the western
side of town, I wasn't surveyed but I feel that I am a stakeholder and
definitely approve of the project as initially proposed (i.e. with the
removal of parking on Oak Grove). Getting safely across El Camino is a
problem and I would try using Oak Grove vs. my current route using Middle,
then cutting through parking lots. I believe that quite a few residents
would be in agreement and would encourage further outreach before
settling/compromising on narrowed bike lanes.

I will admit my bias as a long time cyclist who has become increasingly
stressed by traffic volume. I also observe an increase of distracted
drivers on a daily basis and in general I notice quite a few drivers just
don't look for bikes. I support any measure to promote more, safer cycling.

Best Regards,
Nate Gardner
Received on Wed Dec 07 2016 - 12:32:54 PST

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