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Support for Oak Grove Bike Boulevard Pilot

From: Welton, Mark, M.D. <"Welton,>
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2016 14:38:00 +0000

Dear Council Members

I write in support of the Oak Grove Avenue Crane Street and University Drive bicycle infrastructure pilot project.
I would like to thank the council for their continued consideration of this and other projects that aim to make our community safer for families.

I am a colorectal surgeon and Chief of Staff at Stanford Hospital and Clinics. I do not write as a representative of Stanford University or Stanford Healthcare. I write as a member of the community concerned about the safety of our families.

Remember riding a bike as a kid - always thought drivers would see you, right? They are adults. Responsible. Not distracted. Not intoxicated. Certainly not texting. I used to ride my bike home at night down the middle of Charleston road in Palo Alto. They're adults, right? They'll see me.

Six and half years ago my cardiologist told me to ride my bike for cardio every day. Nearly six years ago I was riding my bike and I was hit by a 19-year-old boy who was driving a car when he turned left in front of me. Nearly a year ago that same boy drove his car into a tree in Portola Valley and was killed.

In medicine, we focus on decreasing the chance for human error because it may result in harm to our patients. We recognize that all humans make errors. We strive to minimize the opportunities for errors and the impact on our patients of those errors that do occur.

I urge you to focus on improving the safety of our roadways for our children and for our community. Please build in a margin of error to minimize the chance that human error will cost us another life.

Thank you,
Mark Welton

<http://www.med.stanford.edu/>[escription: Description: untitled]<http://www.med.stanford.edu/><http://www.med.stanford.edu/>
Mark Lane Welton, MD, MHCM
Chief of Staff, Stanford Hospital & Clinics
Harry A. Oberhelman, Jr., Professor & Chief
Colon & Rectal Surgery, Stanford University School of Medicine
                 Associate Chief Medical Officer, Stanford Operating System Transformation
                 Medical Director, Hospital Operations Center

Stanford Hospital and Clinics
300 Pasteur Drive Stanford CA 94305 · H3105 · MC 5238

Moneisha Miller, Executive Assistant

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Received on Tue Dec 06 2016 - 06:42:24 PST

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