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Oak Grove University Crane Bike Improvement Concept Plan

From: domainremoved <Emma>
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2016 14:43:56 -0800

Dear Members of Menlo Park City Council,

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition would like to express support for the
proposed bike improvements on Oak Grove Avenue, University Drive, and Crane
Street and provide comments on the plans.

We appreciate the time and energy that Menlo Park staff, Council, and
commissions have undergone to get this project together and the swiftness
with which the City has taken action. The proposed improvements would
provide a safe route to several area schools and an important east-west
connection across El Camino and through downtown. We are particularly happy
with the segments that provide a buffered bike lane against the curb.

We are concerned, however, about the sharrows proposed for Crane Street and
Live Oak Avenue. Sharrows do not provide a low-stress bike route for people
of all ages and abilities to bike. In fact, City of Berkeley recently
determined in the research for its Bicycle Plan
update that a two-lane commercial street with sharrows was more
uncomfortable than streets with buffered or separated bike lanes to the
average person and that only the most experienced bike riders would feel
comfortable on commercial streets with sharrows (Page 4-22 through 4-33).
Furthermore, Berkeley found that “the presence of high-stress gaps
(segments and intersections) along [low-stress bike boulevards] likely
inhibit many Berkeley residents who identify as ‘enthusiastic and
confident’ and ‘interested but concerned’ from bicycling.” Because of the
commercial activity and parking in this area, Crane Street and Live Oak
Avenue can be high stress to even experienced bicyclists. The addition of
sharrows may not change that or attract youth bike riders, We hope that
Crane Street and Live Oak Avenue can be highlighted for more extensive
improvements now or in the future.

Thank you so much for working on this important route. We are very excited
for this pilot project to be implemented and look forward to the evaluation.


Emma Shlaes

Emma Shlaes
Policy Manager
Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition
96 N. Third Street, Suite 375
PO Box 1927
San Jose, CA  95109
*Office: 408-287-7259 Ext. 228*
*Cell: 650-703-1191http://bikesiliconvalley.org
Received on Mon Dec 05 2016 - 14:48:31 PST

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