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FW: City Council - Agenda Item F-7

From: domainremoved <Niño,>
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2016 21:25:52 +0000

Hi Jim,

Below is the link to the City Council staff report on October 20, 2015 which answers some of your questions. Below I have answered your questions in Blue.


Ruben Nino
Assistant Public Works Director
City of Menlo Park
701 Laurel Street
Menlo Park, Ca. 94025-3409
Ph 650-330-6740

From: JimLewis_at_(domainremoved)
Sent: Sunday, December 4, 2016 12:01 PM
To: Ordonez, Rodolfo A <RAOrdonez_at_(domainremoved)
Cc: Nio, Ruben R <RRNino_at_(domainremoved)
Subject: City Council - Agenda Item F-7

Hi Mr. Ordonez,

In preparation for the City Council - Agenda Item F-7, being heard this Tuesday, December 6, 2016, 7 pm, allow me to ask a few questions, if I may, as follows:

1) Why is there such a huge difference in the two bids, that is $133,086 and $428,486? Don't know why the large difference in price. A partial reason in price difference is the lowest bidder is a manufacturer of steel poles, thereby eliminating the overhead which a contractor would charge.

2) Is there a website link to the RFP for this project? I have attached the link to the bidders web site for your information. https://www.menlopark.org/bids.aspx?bidID=62

3) Were either of the two bidders also sent the initial RFP, last July? Both

4) How do other cities provide a similar antenna (what do they look like, what did they cost, what type of protection do they have from vandalism)? See October 20, 2015 staff report for more information. The type of antennas of what other Cities have vary depending on location and reception issues. We have not had any issues with the current antenna due to its location next to police, but we plan to fence it off in the future as an extra precaution.

5) What will this antenna look like, what location is being proposed and will it have concealment features? See October 20, 2015 staff report link.

6) Is it possible to locate the antenna on the Police Dept. roof, or on an existing tree, or in Bayfront Park (on top of a tall hill)? No, see staff report on why antenna needs to be close to dispatch. The foundation of the antenna structure is going to be large to withstand design loads.

7) What provision is there for a backup antenna? The existing antenna at the Fire District will be used until they remodel and the County is always a backup.

Thank you for your assistance. It is much appreciated.

Respectfully, Jim Lewis
Received on Mon Dec 05 2016 - 13:30:05 PST

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