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Fwd: RC planes flying field in Menlo Park. | Part 2

From: domainremoved <Quenn>
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2016 10:29:25 -0800

Here is a posting Park rules in Phoenix.



Hi everyone,

I came across this information on the Phoenix parks and rec site. It has a list of designated parks which I have pasted below. There is also a link to the city ordinance covering RC airplanes (these rules need to be updated for multirotors). If you are interested in meeting up to do some flying let me know and I'll post some times.


Coyote Basin Park- 2730 E. Beardsley Rd. (27th Place and Beardsley Road)
Desert Foothills Park - Lower Field - 1010 Marketplace Southwest (Chandler Boulevard and Desert Foothills Parkway)
Dynamite Park - 4550 E. Dynamite Blvd. (north of Dynamite Road at 44th Street)
El Prado Park- 6428 S. 19th Ave. (19th Avenue and Southern Avenue)
Esteban Park- Eastern Quadrant. 3345 E. Roeser Road (32nd Street and Broadway Road)
Grover's Basin Park B - 17447 N. 20th St. (Cave Creek Road and Grovers)
Mountain View II Park- open space south of the ballfield, 9901 N. 7th Avenue, (7th and Cinnabar avenues)
Werner's Field Park - 17831 N. 7th Ave. (7th and Grovers avenues)

24-49 Remote control aircraft. Share

A. No person may fly any remote controlled or self-propelled aircraft, including, but not limited to, radio controlled or control line model airplanes, helicopters, and gliders, in a park or preserve except in parks designated by the Director or designee in flying sites that meet the requirements of Subsection C of this Section.

B. In parks designated for operation of remote control aircraft, the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Safety Code is to be observed in flying radio-controlled or control line model airplanes, helicopters, and gliders. Persons flying radio controlled or control line model airplanes, helicopters, and gliders shall follow AMA guidelines and produce a current Academy of Model Aeronautics membership card. Only one remote control aircraft may be flown at a time.

C. Flying sites shall at all times remain unobstructed and a safe distance away from other park users. Dimensions of flying sites shall be no less than 400 feet on all sides. For purposes of this Section, "unobstructed" means an open park area that is level and free of trees, structures, and fences, and that is fully accessible for the retrieval of launched aircraft.

D. Children younger than 16 years of age shall be accompanied by an adult when flying model aircraft in City parks.

E. Model aircraft that exceed any of the specifications listed below may only be flown in City parks or preserves where there is a specifically developed model aircraft flying site with spectator control fencing, established runways, flight pads or flying circles, and safety barriers for the protection of pilots and callers.

1. Fueled radio controlled model airplanes with an engine size of .20 cubic inches, wingspan of 60 inches, or weight of 3 pounds.

2. Electric powered radio controlled model airplanes with a wingspan of 80 inches or weight of 3 pounds.

3. Radio controlled helicopters with a main blade diameter of 40 inches or a weight of 3 pounds.

4. Radio controlled gliders with a wingspan of 80 inches or weight of 3 pounds.

5. Control line model airplanes with a single engine size of .25 cubic inches.

(Ord. No. G-5144, § 2, adopted 4-16-2008, eff. 5-16-2008)

Here is the original city ordinance in Phoenix, Arizona.


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> Subject: RC planes flying field in Menlo Park.
> People in the State of Arizona are lucky that the Governor recently signed a bill to prevent the cities from making a drone law, and only have the State to make the law State wide. Another thing is they have a law that require the cities with more than one park must allow their use in at least one for the RC hobbyist.
> Here is a an article about it. I wish California had this law which require the cities to grant a designated flying area.
> http://ktar.com/story/1070510/arizona-gov-ducey-signs-statewide-rules-on-drones/
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