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Oak Grove Bike Route--weak links to consider

From: Lydia W. Lee <"Lydia>
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2016 20:08:18 -0800

Dear Councilmembers,

While I am beyond the moon that the Oak Grove-University-Crane Improvement
Concept Plan has gotten this far, I have some serious concerns about its
ability to be a "child-friendly bike route." I am a parent of two children
(9 and 11) who have been biking to school since kindergarten, one who
currently bikes to Hillview on his own (which involves crossing El Camino
Real and biking along a section of ECR with a wide shoulder). Yet I would
still have issues sending my children on the proposed route. They are:

1.) Sharrows on Crane St & Live Oak Ave--particularly Crane St.--throws
into question the safety of the whole route. Traffic on these streets is
slow but can be intense with drivers trying to make turns and get through
downtown. Taking the lane is daunting even for adult bicyclists. How can we
tell parents that we are encouraging their children to bike on streets that
not only don't have buffered bike lanes, they have no bike lanes at all?

2.) No protection for bicyclists on Santa Cruz Ave. between Crane and
University. For this route to be truly useful to students biking to
Hillview, they would take Crane to Santa Cruz Ave. to Hillview (and vice
versa). There is back-out parking along the north side of SCA. Changing
this to parallel parking would mitigate the risk to bicyclists
substantially. Also, while Hillview Middle School is mentioned, it is not
on the list of primary "attractors" compiled by Alta in Attachment B, which
seems like a major oversight. (Note that my son takes an entirely different
street, Valparaiso Ave., to Hillview, so my interest is not personal here.)

I regret I am not able to come to the Dec. 6 council meeting to make my
case, but please consider these issues for the benefit of our families and
children. This is the city's first major bike boulevard and will set the
tone for future improvements. It would be great to get it right the first


Lydia Lee
Menlo Park resident and bicycle commissioner
Received on Sun Dec 04 2016 - 20:12:42 PST

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