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Please move forward with the General Plan

From: domainremoved <Janelle>
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2016 15:25:51 -0800

Dear City Council,

After several years of hard work, expert input and community vetting, we
have a General Plan that will establish Menlo Park as a leader in
sustainability, health, economic vibrancy and thoughtful development. It
sets forth green and sustainable building standards critical to meeting our
city and state greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. It provides for
desperately-needed housing, and sets forth bold transportation and
congestion-reduction goals.

First, I encourage you to approve the Green and Sustainable Building
Provisions as they are. They are the result of many meetings and
negotiations. As of the last City Council meeting, it appeared there were no
objections to the draft provisions, and all parties were satisfied.
Yesterday I learned that John Tarlton plans to raise a new issue with the
provisions as they relate to his property zoned Life Sciences. I appreciate
his concerns, and it is my understanding that the current draft already
incorporates compromises struck with him. I urge you to leave the provisions
as they are at this point. I believe specific accommodations can be achieved
through the variance process, or by way of a specific exception, but should
not impact the green and sustainable building policies across an entire

Second, regarding transportation, I agree with the thoughtful commentary in
The Almanac by Ray Mueller, Katherine Strehl and Henry Riggs advocating for
phased implementation of growth in the plan, to run parallel to the funding
and building of infrastructure milestones.

Phased implementation is a reasonable approach. It's critical that our
transportation and congestion reduction are part and parcel of our growth.
The Transportation Master Plan will enable the city to plan solutions in
phases, including strategies to get funding.

By design, the Plan is a general plan. The specific details are to come in
at the project level planning. Therefore, I urge Council to move forward
with the General Plan, while at the same time updating the Transportation
Impact Analysis guidelines, as the Planning Commission recommended. This
will enable the City to use impact fees for priority projects.

Congestion and mobility should be areas of focus, but not hold-ups to the
General Plan. The Plan's approach to traffic issues via an update to the
Transportation Impact Analysis Guideline and Transportation Master Plan in
2017 is the right one.

Thank you for your leadership as Menlo Park looks to a vibrant, sustainable

Janelle London

Received on Tue Nov 29 2016 - 15:30:12 PST

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