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General Plan--Traffic Mitigations

From: domainremoved <Wendy>
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2016 15:07:17 -0800

Oh dear! I accidentally deleted one of the paragraphs from my email.
Please use revised email below!

Best, Wendy

On 11/29/16 11:57 AM, Wendy Shindler wrote:
> Dear Menlo Park City Council,
> I've been tracking the General Plan process for some time now,
> particularly the proposed FaceBook and Connect Menlo developments
> impacting neighborhoods along Bay Rd, and beyond. I sincerely hope the
> City will further improve the General Plan to better address Menlo
> Park's worsening traffic issues.
> I'm a resident of the Flood Triangle neighborhood. In the last several
> years, we have experienced a crippling increase in traffic on and
> around Bay Rd. Every weekday morning, there are 45-60 cars backed up
> on Bay at the 5-way Ringwood/Bay intersection. Every weekday
> afternoon, from ~4pm on, it can take 15-25 minutes to negotiate the
> roughly half mile between my home off Bay Rd and the 101S/Willow
> interchange.
> This is our current weekday reality, and the development allowed under
> the current General Plan has not yet begun in earnest.
> Though the General Plan Update includes some traffic mitigations, I
> don't believe the proposed mitigations will adequately address the
> traffic issues that will be caused, or worsened by further M-2 and
> Connect Menlo development. Without significant traffic mitigation, I
> fear for the future of neighborhoods along Bay Rd, but also for Menlo
> Park and surrounding communities in general.
> I understand from Nikki Nagaya and Angela Abesos that Menlo Park has
> a presence in some longer-term regional transportation planning. This
> is a great start, but I sincerely hope Menlo Park will not depend on
> those long-term regional, or state, or federal efforts to solve our
> current traffic problems - particularly problems caused by our own
> local planning and development over the years, and including
> additional development proposed for the M-2 area, or to benefit the
> M-2 area (Connect Menlo/101 interchange).
I urge you to revise the General Plan update to LINK plans for
implementing specific, actionable, measurable traffic improvement and
mitigation goals to development PRIOR to approving said development. In
this case, commit to making improvements and mitigations prior to
approving the addition of thousands of square feet of new office space
to the the M-2 area and other areas covered in the Menlo Park General Plan.

> I am a pro-smart development resident. I am optimistic that our City
> staff, Council members, Board and Commission members will take a
> leadership role in driving smart development locally, regionally and
> at the state and federal levels -- smart development that takes the
> needs and concerns of all primary stakeholders into consideration -
> including the needs and concerns of the residents of neighborhoods
> along Bay Rd and well beyond.
> Thank you for your consideration of our concerns.
> Respectfully,
> Wendy Shindler
> 1009 Almanor Ave
> Menlo Park, CA 94025
Received on Tue Nov 29 2016 - 15:11:48 PST

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