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Phasing for jobs/housing in Sunnyvale

From: domainremoved <Adina>
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2016 11:44:24 -0800

Honorable Council and city staff,

The General Plan discussion about opportunities to manage the buildout of
the plan to balance jobs and housing development.

The City of Sunnyvale has a mechanism to do this as part of its Lawrence
Station Area Plan, with mixed use development for the area surrounding
Lawrence Caltrain station. The LSAP was just favorably recommended from
Planning Commission to City Council on Monday evening, and will be reviewed
for approval by City Council on December 6.

The plan includes a development potential of 2323 housing units and
1,200,000 square feet of office.

The mechanism entails review by Planning Commission and City Council once a
substantial share of either housing or office is developed.

The mechanism is described in the staff report as follows.

"In order to assure there is a balance of uses developed in the LSAP,
temporary caps on development types will be established and reviewed
periodically to allow the Planning Commission and City Council to consider
allowing more of one type of use or another to develop if a balance is not
being met. Staff recommends establishing this temporary cap at the onset of
the LSAP and to revisit the amount periodically as significant development

Staff is recommending the following phase one temporary cap, as detailed in
the Incentives and Development Cap Administrative Regulations:

Office/R&D: 650,000 net new square feet
Residential: 1,160 new units"

Given zoning and land ownership in Menlo Park, a similar tool for Menlo
Park would probably need to be somewhat different. Because housing
potential sites are concentrated, one provision would to be to require
those sites to build housing prior to or simultaneous with office.

A temporary cap on housing would not be needed, but a temporary cap on
additional office could be used to ensure that office did not get too far
ahead of housing.

Note that the city has already approved substantial Facebook office
development in advance of the General Plan, thus a balance in the area
would entail advancing housing.

The staff report for the Sunnyvale LSAP can be found at this link, with a
screenshot of the excerpt attached.

Thank you for your consideration,

- Adina
Adina Levin

(image/png attachment: sunnyvale_jobs-housing.png)

Received on Wed Nov 16 2016 - 11:49:22 PST

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