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Please adopt the General Plan update

From: domainremoved <Janelle>
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2016 15:57:36 -0800

Dear City Council,


I'm Vice Chair of the EQC, but am writing on my own behalf.


Thanks for all you do to help make our city a leader in sustainability. As
you know, the General Plan update is before you tonight.

I hope you'll adopt the update without delay.


You and the entire community have worked so hard over the past couple of
years to design a plan that makes Menlo Park a leader in sustainability,
with clean energy, green buildings, good water policies, and support for
better walking, bicycling, and transit.


The General Plan update is good. It's a necessary step in creating the
vibrant, healthy, sustainable city that we want - for our generation and
future generations.


Of course it's important that our transportation plan support smart growth.
I believe the Transportation Master Plan will enable the city to create more
specific solutions and plans when the time comes -- including strategies to
get funding.


The Plan provides sufficient guidance to proceed now. It is general by
design. Specifics will come later. Please adopt it without delay.


Thank you again for leading our great city of Menlo Park into the future.



Janelle London




Received on Tue Nov 15 2016 - 16:02:10 PST

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