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Menlo Park General Plan Transportation.

From: domainremoved <Adina>
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2016 14:46:48 -0800

Honorable Council Members,

I'm writing with regard to General Plan transportation topics. The General
Plan, including transportation, has been developed over two years, with
sixty public meetings, incorporating feedback from all sectors of the
community, to create a "live work play" environment in the area formerly
known as M2, and institute transportation policies that fulfill the
Council's goals for complete streets and environmental sustainability.

At the Planning Commission review, Commissioners raised important concerns
about the major infrastructure investments that will be needed in order for
the area to cope with current and anticipated growth. I support the
Commissioners' desire to raise the level of urgency among Council members
and business stakeholders to aggressively pursue the needed investments and
not to become complacent once the plan has passed.

However, I am also concerned that a proposal to delay the plan by a few
months in an effort to confirm hundreds of millions of dollars of regional,
state, and federal funding for major projects will not have the desired

While it is possible and realistic to escalate major projects with
concerted effort, the timeline is likely to take longer, setting us up for
indefinite delay.

Instead, I would strongly urge the Council to move forward with the
Transportation Master Plan, escalating planning for key projects,
simultaneously with the update of the Transportation Impact Analysis
guidelines, as recommended by Planning Commission, which will enable the
City to use impact fees for the projects that are preferred according to
the Plan.

Mountain View has been following a similar strategy for the North Bayshore
area where Google is headquartered. They developed a robust Shoreline
Transportation Plan with a number of major project needed to achieve the
goals of the plan, and have been subsequently working methodically on these
projects, successfully moving them forward.

In addition, there are some projects from the 2020 gateway study that may
help in relieving congestion. However, this study was done a decade ago;
transportation planning has changed in the last decade, and these projects
need current study so we have confidence that they would deliver desired
results. Also, these would have major affects on the community, positive
and negative, which would need community review for best results for
quality of life.

I urge you to approve the plan, including the Transportation Master Plan
and TIA update, so we can get moving in getting the transportation upgrades
we need when they are needed, in a way that will support economic growth
and quality of life.

Lastly, I urge you to maintain the complete streets aspects of the plan, to
further the goals of the council and community for environmental
sustainability, health and safety.

Thank you for your consideration,

- Adina
Adina Levin
Menlo Park
Received on Tue Nov 15 2016 - 14:51:50 PST

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