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The Transportation Problem and commute gondolas

From: domainremoved <mickie650>
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2016 19:10:10 -0500

Honorable Council Members
We must solve the transportation problem in the Bayfront/BelleHaven area before the General Plan can be implemented. That's pretty obvious.
However regional transportation planning is daunting becauseof the years and years it takes to design, fund and build it.
But what if?
We could provide a commute opportunity that reduces someof the roadblocks and might gin up some fervor by local governments and by thecommercial sector?
I am talking about Commute Gondolas (not skytrans). From the Wall Street Journal” attached.
Cities across the U.S. areenthralled with gondolas. Aerial cable-propelled transit systems are beingconsidered in Brooklyn, Washington, Chicago, San Diego, Seattle, Cleveland,Cincinnati, Buffalo, Baton Rouge, Austin, Tampa Bay and Miami.
Since this was written last spring, new action is takingplace: Washington (across the Potomac), Austin Texas (downtown), NYC to replaceportion of subway that must be rebuilt after Sandy are doing or have done feasibilitystudies. France is building a commute gondola for suburbs of Paris.
Commute Gondolas can carry passengers across the bay toStanford, to commercial parks, to Caltrains, Google etc. and wherever we wantthem to go.
· They do not compete with bikes and cars for roadspace,
· Are safe,
· Emission free,
· Relatively inexpensive, and could be privately funded
· Quick to build ,
· Can carry circa 5000 people an hour,
· And can be built incrementally (eliminating theneed for a grand plan and approval from 23 agencies around the Bay).
I am told by our very responsive Transportation Director thatSamTrans has dismissed the commute gondola. She has requested more info fromSamTrans, but it has not yet been provided.
I will refer to—but will not elaborate on -- CommuteGondolas on Tuesday night, so I wanted to brief you on that reference point. Are we part of the innovative Valley?
Mickie Winkler

Received on Mon Nov 14 2016 - 16:15:09 PST

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