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Aircraft Noise from SFO Arrivals...and the threat of DAVYJ

From: domainremoved <William>
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2016 15:17:27 -0700

Dear Richard, Kirsten, Catherine, Ray, and Peter,
My wife and I have been residents of Menlo Park since 2001. Life has been
peaceful in Menlo Park--but I worry that this is about to change. This
letter makes two points.

FIRST, I write you to express my concern regarding a proposal, DAVYJ, under
review by the Congressional Select Committee for SFO South Bay Arrivals.
If adopted, the proposed DAVYJ procedure for aircraft arrivals in SFO will
seriously exacerbate the problem of noise over Menlo Park, especially near
the FAA's "MENLO" waypoint near the intersection of Laurel Avenue and
O'Keefe Street in Menlo Park. As you know, planes from Southern California
and the Southwestern United States are generally routed over the MENLO
waypoint, so any changes to procedures can have a huge impact on aircraft
noise in our town.

This new "DAVYJ" proposal has come to light since I met with Peter, our
representative on the Select Committee, during this past summer. The new
procedure was concocted and is being pushed by a group of residents (Quiet
Skies NorCal) living in the Santa Cruz Mountains, north of Capitola. The
deployment of the FAA's NextGen aircraft control changes caused aircraft
noise to become worse generally across the South Bay, including along this
North-through-Capitola corridor known as the "SERFR" procedure. Quiet
Skies NorCal advocates moving the noise away from their region--westward
over the heads of their neighbors. Their current strategy to move noise
from their skies is "DAVYJ"--a new arrival procedure which Quiet Skies
Norcal citizen members themselves have proposed to the FAA. Adoption by
the FAA of the DAVYJ proposal would be a catastrophe for Menlo Park.
See a detailed
analysis of the FAA data
<https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwhUM0uZm_8KY180LVY3eEI2REk> by Jay Su,
a member of Quiet Skies Mid-Peninsula citizen committee. You can also
download it from www.quietskiesmidpeninsula.com. It is also attached.

This analysis, *based on the FAA's own noise modeling*, predicts "a
significantly increased impact in the >45 dBA DNL noise contour: 24,892
people across the cities of East Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and Palo Alto would
live within this (loudest) noise contour". The impact of DAVYJ on Menlo
Park residents is part of the report and two images (one map, one table)
follow below.

SECOND, I write to share my dismay with the role of the FAA. While DAVYJ
is clearly not an equitable solution, the FAA is more than willing to move
noise over our heads. We must push back and insist that the FAA go back to
the drawing board to find solutions that reduce noise for everyone, not
choose among a limited set of bad options sourced by advocacy groups.

We want reduced aircraft ground noise; let the FAA work out how to achieve
this. The FAA is showing itself to be an agent of the airline industry.
Ground noise can be reduced...but only if the FAA ranks ground noise as a
priority along with airline operating efficiency. Our regions residents
endure aircraft ground noise as a side-effect of the FAA's commitment to
minimize airline fuel expenses. Please work with the Select Committee to
push back against the FAA's plans to only offer solutions that optimize
airline operational efficiency.

Thank you for your service to Menlo Park. Aircraft noise isn't a major
issue in this November's election, but that will certainly change if DAVYJ
is adopted.


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Bill Evans     william.evans_at_(domainremoved)

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Received on Thu Oct 27 2016 - 15:22:42 PDT

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