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Agenda Item H-1

From: domainremoved <JimLewis_at_>
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2016 10:47:26 -0400

Honorable Mayor Cline and Council Members:

I would like to request that the vote on agenda item #H-1 regarding a RFP
be continued a short time. I ask this for several important reasons, as
1) Allow The Process A Chance to Work
    A joint meeting with the Fire District and the Atherton Council has
been scheduled a short ways away. Approving this agenda item may undermine
that process. It sends the wrong message. If one is serious about seeking
answers at the joint meeting, then seriously give that meeting a full
opportunity to work.
2) The District Has Requested a Continuance
     Prior to the September 7, 2016 Study Session, the Fire District
requested a continuance. That did not happen. Perhaps the request came in too
close to the scheduling of that meeting. However, to show good faith, can you
consider respecting that request?
3) Sub-Committee Has Only Met Once
     A new Atherton Council sub-committee has only just got started on
this very topic. At that meeting, the topic will be more fully discussed.
Kindly give it a chance to work. The goal is seeking answers. If it can be done
informally, you can potentially save considerable taxpayer's dollars on a
consultant's report.
4) Fire District - Agenda Item
     Finally, I can assure you that the topic has rceived the Fire
District's attention. As you may know, a similar item will likely be placed on
their next regular meeting's agenda. It is also being discussed at their
Finance Committee meetings.
I acknowledge that Atherton has been asking for this information for a long
 time. For whatever reason, that process did not result with the answers
they were seeking. My belief is if you let the current process work, that
you show good faith in it, that responsible elected officials and staff will
use their best efforts. I'm optimistic that it will work - given your
commitment and those of others.
Jim Lewis
Received on Mon Oct 24 2016 - 07:52:31 PDT

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