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Background info - Misrepresentation by Barbara Cathcart

From: domainremoved <Cary-Andrew>
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2016 04:30:30 -0700

Hi Will, this video was SJPD response to an assault with deadly weapon
inciidemt at Markham Plaza Apartments in San Jose. Tge weapon was large
butchar knife.

This was part of a pattern of incidents at Markham Plaza which included
another incidemt where persom was actualy stabbed.

Robert Ridgeway was responsible for security & maintaining cameras. The
residents turned to me for help becauase staff was unresponsive to
residents concerns about these safety issues.

Detective Carroll called me several times on the phone and threatened me
that I would be arrested if I brought these matters to the attention of US
dept. of Housing and Urban developnent & forbade me to not bring attention
to this on the internet.

After Manoukian got involved, the crisis at Markham Plaza escelated
dramaticly into an emergency situation and one of the residents, Robert
Moss was found dead almost immediately after the fraud in case
1-12-CV226958 They threatened to arrest me for trying to get him goceries
and they claimed that the Cathedral of faith church in San Jose was a
terrorist organization because they offered the residents access to job
coaching / reseme writing workshop.

In attempt to keep out the news media, they accused Dan Noyes of ABC News
of threatening to kill one of the residents and this is stated ON THE COURT
RECORD to 1-12-CV226958.

Just to give you some background & hope you can understand my frustration.

Santa Clara County Sheridf detective David Carroll, Sergeant Samy Tarazi
and assistant DA Barbara Cathcart are recklesly endangering Heidi Yauman
and also the residents of this appartnent complex.

My job as tenant rights activist is to address these health & safety
concerns and keep the public safe.


Cary Andrew Crittenden

On Sep 4, 2015 2:27 PM, "Cary-Andrew Crittenden" <southsfbayarea_at_(domainremoved)

> Detective Carroll made multiple false statements in his first police
> report. These false statements were made under supervision of Captain
> Ricardo Urena.
> Here is a video from 4/17/11, which Detective David Carroll insists never
> happened:
> https://youtu.be/Y6-LVKXqTdw
> I had left work and responded to Markham Plaza to protect Heidi from a
> woman named Kimberly Cano who was running down the hall with butcher knife
> trying to kill another resident..
> This is the SECOND TIME in months that Ms. Cano had done this.
> Management's failure to address this serious health & safety issue
> endangered all the residents.
> These incidents are logged with 2 San Jose Police Incident Numbers, A
> criminal case number for arrest on first incident and for the second
> incident, an unlawful detainer case the following day on 4/18/11. Also on
> 4/18/11, Heidi received "Violation Notice" on her door alleging that I
> resided there. This was a retaliatory act strictly prohibited by FEHA.
> I responded to Markham Plaza from 1650 Pomona Avenue where, at the time,
> I was working on Federal Court case that involved reverse mortgage /
> bankruptcy and because this was a bankruptcy proceeding, all expenses
> needed to be logged ,with Bankruptcy Court and U.S. Trustee. These include
> the expenses paid to me for the work that I did, when the work was done and
> just because Orry Korb insisted that the Mayberry/Kubo record was true, you
> cannot explain why completely different accounts are in federal court which
> can be confirmed by contacting Hon. Judge Weisblott.
> Orry Korb is adamant that this never happened, and insists that the
> coalition fabricated the incident to use an an excuse to harass Mr. Korb
> with frivoulous whistleblower complaint against Larry Kubo.
> On several occasions. Detective Carroll called me and specificly
> prohibited me from contacting Orry Korb or US Dept. of Urban Development.
> In his distorted, perverted, toxic logic, this was supposedly because "Kubo
> could not suppress evidence that did not exist'".
> This pattern of events is well well documented and we can prove, not only
> that this incident occurred, but also that it was misrepresented on
> official court documents confirmed by Mr. Mayberry that on same date, Heidi
> received notice.
> We can also prove, and have repeatedly proved that Larry Kubo received
> this evidence and yet, Deputy County Counsel Larry Kubo override Heidi's
> answer to unlawful detainer with another which erased the incident. Earlier
> on, the whistle blower complaint was recieved by Acting County Counsel Lori
> Pegg.
> Orry Korb then became County Counsel and Lori Pegg was appointed to the
> bench as Superior Court Judge. Lori Pegg then handled a search warrant
> against me based on fabricated nonsense which she personally was aware of
> because she, as County Counsel oversaw the Larry Kubo's role in the scandal.
> The findings to the whistleblower complaint were returned claiming that
> County counsel Supervisors were not responsible for subordinate attorney's
> while in court, because it was a "seperation of powers issue" and that Rule
> 3-110 therefore did not apply. I was supposed to "accept findings as true"
> and deal with the fact that investigation was not Public record
> I obtained copy of policy / Procedure via CPRA which stated that pursuant
> to Ord. No. NS-300.809, ยง 1, 3-23-10, the complaint must be handled by
> County Executive because Larry Kubo is a County Counsel attorney.
> I contacted Mr. Korb and notified him about Mr. Kubos improprieties
> involving Suppression of evidence and placing the residents in danger.
> Mr Korb adamantly insisted that the knife attacks never happened and that
> Code enforcement complaint also, was another hoax irrelevant to the Fair
> Employment and Housing Act.. ,
> While Mr. Korb was busy manipulating himself, he accidentally admitted
> that he had lost documents on Heidi's ADA accomodations from July 2012 that
> CCO must retain for three years.
> I explained to Mr. Korb that I did not appreciate being lied to & that he
> was placing the residents in danger. I had copies of these same documents
> faxed with receipt confirming that they also were recieved by County
> Counsel and scanned to PDF and that I was going to distribute the documents
> throughout the coalition
> The following Day, Detective David Carroll contacted me by phone and
> ordered me not to report any of the crimes at Markham Plaza to HUD or
> County Counsel & that I would be arrested if I advocated for Heidi or the
> other Markham Plaza residents.
> The same acts of fraud used to evict Heidi, were also used to deny Robert
> Mtoss accommodations pursuant to ADA. Robert Moss was found dead shortly
> thereafter.
> What is astounding to me is that 3 officers have just been charged with
> killing an inmate. Detectives vid Carroll and Samy Tarazi's are just as
> dangerous if not more than these officers.
> It is people like Public Defender's office who bent over backwards to
> defend these reckless dangerous actions & are completely oblivious to the
> wretched pain and suffering caused and the danger you are placing people in.
> Cary-Andrew Crittenden
> 650-701-3202 by
Received on Thu Oct 20 2016 - 04:35:43 PDT

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