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Re: A letter from Blair Beekman. Friday September 23, 2016. Letter #20. ____________________ The League of California Cities, Resolution Process. Awareness Ideas for Bicycle and Pedestrian Fatalities. With possible use of Vision Zero Program.

From: domainremoved <bob>
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2016 15:41:28 -0700


> Dear city government of San Jose, the League of California Cities,
> local governments, agencies, advocacy groups, Bay Area UASI,
> media groups, and others,

       Some of the original ideas, of Vision Zero, include reducing traffic
> fatalities, creating more environmentally friendly, forms of
> transportation, and safer neighborhoods. To create an overall,
> more environmentally healthy and sustainable idea, of a local community
> harmony.
       The moderate use of technology, has been considered, some of the
> tools, of the Vision Zero process.

> It is important to realize, however, that Vision Zero, is just one,
> of many important environmental ideas and practices, for a more
> sustainable future.

> There is an initial, basic good Vision Zero, can offer. There is
> an initial, basic good, the city government of San Jose, and the League of
> California Cities, can also offer, in its beginning awareness programs.
> But I am very worried, the city government, the LOCC, federal officials,
> and others, a part of Vision Zero, will at some point, simply have,
> ulterior, national security motives, in its technological side, to address
> the issues, of community health and safety.

> And most currently, the Zero Fatalities work, that is
> starting, will have to be continually looked at, questioned, and monitored,
> to make sure civil rights, and civil protections, will be in place.

        Vision Zero, was started in the days, relatively soon after
> 9/11/01. A more accountable and healthier reasoning has started, to
> help for a better decision making process, about this country's democracy,
> and its future. I feel we are at a point, to learn how to begin to ask
> Vision Zero, how to be a part of, a more honest local democratic process.
> To build a community, with the ideas of communication, good
> environmental health, a sense of well-being, contentment, harmony, and
> safety, are some of the basic, important, and original ideals, of Vision
> Zero. They are also some basic ideas, in the good health and
> sustainability, of a community.

> I feel, good local democratic practices, including honesty,
> openness, accountability, and transparency, for a local community,
> also help, towards the health and well-being, of a local community, and
> should be a part, of the Vision Zero process.


> We are at a point, in our country's history, in learning how to
> prepare, and in how to be more democratic and peaceful, in our decision
> making. Even, as there is, the possibility of continual war, and a
> developing pattern, of terrorist events, at this time.
> I feel continuing to work, toward good democratic ideals, will be
> important, for a healing process, that has obviously made itself clear,
> since 9/11/01. A healing process, to work towards ideas, without war
> and violence, that many people of this planet, have made some
> patient steps, to begin to work towards, together.
> With good legal precedents, and good ideas, in local community
> democracy and accountability starting, we are at a time, where we can
> hopefully begin, to ask to end, the thought processes, from all sides, that
> helped create the ideas and concepts, around 9/11/01, as the way to build,
> the future of this world.
> Sincerely,
> Blair Beekman

Received on Fri Sep 30 2016 - 15:47:22 PDT

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