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Re: A letter from Blair Beekman. Thursday September 15, 2016. Letter #18. _____________________ The League of California Cities. Resolution Process. Awareness Ideas for Bicycle and Pedestrian Fatalities. With use of Vision Zero Program.

From: domainremoved <bob>
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2016 15:41:10 -0700

> These should be my last two letters, for this week. To note, my letters
> were sent, in the order of the dates, to the respective addresses, earlier
> this month.

> I would possibly like to send, a few more letters, early next week,
> before the actual League of California Cities, annual meeting, actually
> takes place, in Long Beach, Ca. Oct. 5-7. It is on these dates, next week,
> the fate of a fairly conservative, large monied, think tank and go-between,
> and a city, possibly practicing, questionable ideas, in technology and
> surveillance, will make their decisions, for the rest of our society, and
> our collective future.

> Their decisions will be based, if they feel, they will be prepared to
> lead, a future for California communities, with federal government help and
> ideas, from the Vision Zero project. And with this, the possible use of
> surveillance and technology, and other possible national security ideas.
> I feel both groups, may be a bit too immature, for this leadership
> position. And to introduce, in an honest, transparent, and fair, democratic
> process, the ideas of community safety, and the ideas of a peaceful and
> sustainable future, for local communities.



     Dear city government, of San Jose, the LOCC, other local government
and entities, everyday people, and to whom it may concern,

      I feel the city of San Jose, has not quite understood,, how
> to peacefully, honestly, responsibly, and democratically, introduce new
> technology, to a local community.

         Hopefully, beginning ideas and conversations, have started. I
hope in the next few months, there can be some good dialogue, compromise on
all sides, and continuing good discussion.

> A conversation, and a dialogue is needed, in how to involve the city
> of San Jose, the LOCC, UASI, FEMA, DHS, and others of the federal
> government, and local agencies, to slowly lay down their plans, to
> literally continue, the ideas of warfare, and possible disinformation
> campaigns, on people of their own country, and communities.

      To offer once again, the County of Santa Clara, and other Bay Area
> cities, and agencies, the ACLU, and other advocacy groups, have offered
> good legal precedents, and good examples, in the ideas of organization,
> accountability, transparency, and public oversight. And in how to begin,
> to trust,and to talk about, new, reasonable and peaceful ideas, about the
> future of this country, with more sustainable forms of democracy.

> They have showed, how to make a process of guidelines,
> organization, preparedness, and trust, easier and more understandable, for
> yourselves, for the federal government, and for anyone who would like to
> ask, or who would like to read.

> It is a good thought, that we are at a time, that war is over, if
> you want it. There are now better, and more honest forms of dialogue, to
> address what the original questions, of 9/11/01, have asked.

           Blair Beekman
Received on Fri Sep 30 2016 - 15:47:04 PDT

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