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Re: A letter from Blair Beekman. Wednesday September 14, 2016. Letter #17a. _____________________ The League of California Cities, Resolution Process. Awareness in Bicycle and Pedestrian Fatalities. With use of Vision Zero Program. .

From: domainremoved <bob>
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2016 15:42:24 -0700

 Hi this is Blair Beekman. This is day two, of sending my letters. I would
like to send, one letter. I will send the few remaining, letters I
have, tomorrow. Hopefully in the morning. In total, I will send a total of
about 5 letters, this week.

  I hope my letters, can have a few ideas for thought. Hopefully, I will
write again, by mid-October. Thank you for your time and patience. --Blair.


     Dear the city government of San Jose, local governments, of the State
of California, the League of California Cities, local agencies, advocacy
groups, Bay Area UASI, bay area media, and others,

      The city of San Jose, has created, its own very good example, of a
local government, a community, and its community groups, working together.
They are working together, to answer the question, about how their police
dept., can be more accountable, with use-of-force issues.

      It suggests, a relationship and a dialogue has started, that
something meaningful, thoughtful, and peaceful, is at work. And there can
be an honest community process. with helpful thought processes, ideas and

      The city of San Jose also has, what has been considered, a very good
past, in creating traffic modification projects and plans, before the
introduction of Vision Zero, in 2014-15.

     However, the city of San Jose, in the name of fear, insecurity, and
distrust, and a somewhat immature concept, of wanting to lead, is still
practicing a heavy handed approach, and literally, the tactics of war, to
force new national security, surveillance, and new technology ideas,
onto an unassuming, fairly intelligent, and decent, public and community.

      New ideas in technology, and national security technology, often go
back and forth, between a private sector, a federal government, and local
government. Until finalized products, eventually arrive to a government, to
then be questioned and possibly used, by a local community. It is at this
critical point, that an honest respect is needed, for the thoughts, ideas,
and opinions, of the everyday people, of a local community.

      We are at a time, with reports, studies, and practices, and the idea
of trust, it can be easier to understand, for both a local government,
and a local community, to feel they can begin to work together, to shape
the future of their community. And be able to work towards the ideas of a
more peaceful and well reasoned, democratic community, and future.

      Hopefully we are at a time, where government, can learn to return to
the role, to be a more of a neutral facilitator. And allow the people of
a community, a more open democratic process, to decide, if technology,
surveillance, and national security projects, will be good for a

       I think cleaning up our bad ideas and bad habits, after fifteen
years of war, is an important goal. It is always nice to say the words, it
sometimes becomes difficult to practice. Legal precedents have started, for
a process, to be easier to understand, and so we can all learn how to take
steps, toward the more peaceful and well reasoned ideas, of this democracy.
      I feel the legal precendents, being created by the state of
California, the county of Santa Clara, the city of Oakland, and the ACLU,
among others, is something that needs to be examined, and hopefully
appreciated, by everyday people and governments together, at this point.

     So they can begin to ask their own questions, about how to leave
ideas, of the past fifteen years, of local community democracies of this
country, living in the opacity, confusion, and bad habits, of a
heightened state of war.

     I think preparing the future, of local communities, of this country,
with healthy, honest dialogue, about accountability and local democracy,
would eventually help a lot, with the cold ideas of war, the
sometimes hyped-up, irrational and fearful thinking of governments,
and their political leaders, and the overall non-sensical ideas of
terrorism, that have been created, in a post 9/11 world.

     Re-organizing a world, and a world order, to question and combat
terrorism is one thing. But after fifteen years, since 9/11/01, creating
the ideas of continual war, or possibly 'cornering', certain segments of
the population, to create more shocking forms of terrorism, is not the best
way, to go about a healing, sustainable process, that is possible, for all
of us, and for the future of this world.

     We have seen, practiced, and studied, the ugly side of war, and
practicing a democracy, during a time of war. I hope it is the time, to
learn how to leave, the bad and cruel habits, war can create, for both
people and its democracy. I feel ideas, both good and bad, of the past
fifteen years, have been studied, and are becoming understood. Good,
healthy, and peaceful legal precedents, and examples, have started.

       I hope we are at a beginning of a time, and the beginning of a new
era, to look for, and work towards, the more peaceful and well
reasoned ideas, of what a democracy, and the u.s. constitution, can be
about. This can eventually create, a more positive process, for the rest
of the world.

       Blair Beekman

Received on Thu Sep 29 2016 - 15:48:21 PDT

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