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Re: A letter by Blair Beekman. Wednesday, September 7, 2016. Letter #11. ___________________ The League of California Cities, Resolution Process, Awareness in Bicycle and Pedestrian Fatalities. With use of Vision Zero Program.

From: domainremoved <bob>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2016 16:25:25 -0700

     Dear local governments, agencies, advocacy groups, unions, local
media, and others,

      I would like to send two letters, today, on the state of things, in
San Jose. And what I feel, needs some help. And what needs to be looked

     I hope the local governments, and media, of the Bay Area, can look
over, the two letters, I am sending today. I would like to send at least
two tomorrow, and possibly a few more, by Friday, to discuss the future, of
the ideas of peace, local democracy.

     I feel the city of San Jose, will have to look at, and possible
re-examine, how it will introduce surveillance and technology, to the
future of local communities, in its new ideas of a leadership role, it will
possibly be starting, with the League of California Cities.

    This is, if the League of California Cities, votes to approve this new
leadership process, next week, at its annual convention, in Long Beach,
Oct. 5-7.

     The city of San Jose, and the LOCC, will want to be working
originally, with awareness issues, around bicycle and pedestrian
fatalities. They will want to use the ideas, of Vision Zero and safer
communities, with an emphasis, on the use of technology. I feel, this
will invariably lead, to other national security questions, that will be
needed to be asked, on the use of technology, and the sometimes national
security questions, of Vision Zero.

      A time, and an era, of better government accountability, and better
understandings of peace, is possibly beginning. I feel the city of San
Jose, and the LOCC, do not quite have an understanding of this concept. And
in fact, may still have ideas, to actively compete, and specifically work
against, ideas of peace and transparency, that are trying to develop, in
local communities.

      It is time to look at, and ask the city of San Jose, and ourselves,
if it is time, to acknowledge, new and some important questions are being
asked, in what we think of, honesty, fairness. transparency, openness,
accountability, and the actual ideas of peace, in a local democratic
process. As a whole Bay Area, and as a country, are we ready to
acknowledge, that we are trying to take a few steps, to try
and leave the opacity and confusion, of a time, and a country, that is
still been trying to find its way out of, a confused, opaque,
and heightened state of war.

    We may finally be taking steps, to leave the hysteria and irrationality
of war. We may be finally beginning, to legally and formally, return to the
more peaceful and thoughtful, constitutional and civil protection answers,
we had previously learned as a country.

       New peaceful new ideas of democracy, are beginning to establish
themselves. San Jose, may not be 'an innovator', in this regard. But they
certainly do not have to compete, and forcefully work against, new peaceful
ideas that are developing, as they have been.

        I hope you can look over, these four letters, I will send
today. And what the city of San Jose, has been working on with surveillance
and technology issues. I hope this letter can be a reminder, of what is
growing in places around the Bay Area, and around the country. It is the
ideas, of accountability, transparency, everyday people, being allowed to
be more of a part of, a local democratic process, and the ideas of peace.

        I try to write all of my letters, in terms of positive,
constructive help. I will try to send, a few more letters, this Thursday.
These letters are originally addressed, to the people working, for the city
of San Jose, League of California Cities, resolution process, and others.
Thank you for your time.

       Blair Beekman


> Dear city government, of San Jose, the League of California Cities,
>> UASI, local governments, agencies, advocacy groups, and others,
>> Happy post Labor Day,
> It is obvious, that federal and local governments, are going to
>> have to learn, how to be more accountable and transparent, with Vision Zero
>> plans, national security ideas, surveillance, and technology, for local
>> communities, and with the everyday people, of local communities. It is a
>> question of when, and how to begin this process.
>> Good legal standards and precedents, have started, within
>> the State of California, and other local Bay Area governments, including
>> the County of Santa Clara, the city of Oakland, and the County of
>> Alameda. I think this is the time, to start to look for, and to learn how
>> to practice, the more peaceful and better ideals, of this country, and its
>> democracy.
>> I have been writing, for over a month now, to your respective
>> local governments, that will be a part of, the League of California Cities,
>> and the city of San Jose's, resolution process, for future awareness
>> programs, of bicycle and pedestrian fatalities.
>> I hope my writing has at least offered, the ideas of a
>> near-future, that is very possible. My letters are not about ending
>> technology. My letters are about how to be, more democratic and
>> transparent, with the everyday people, of a local community, when
>> technology has to be used.
>> Thank you for your time. Please write back, if you can.
>> Sincerely,
>> Blair Beekman
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