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Comments regarding proposed venue for Off the Grid

From: domainremoved <Susan>
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2016 23:04:38 +0000 (UTC)

Dear City Council Members Cline, Keith, Carlton, Mueller, Ohtaki,  a recent newspaper article in "The Almanac" (09/15/2016) says that having lost its lease with Caltrain, Off the Grid may be moving to the Menlo Park Library/Arrillaga Family Recreation Center parking lot on Wednesday nights (event time: 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm; 3:00 pm - 10:30 pm including set-up and clean-up).
I am very unhappy to hear this because I do not think this parking lot is the right place for this food truck event.  
Library patrons need this parking lot.  People attending classes at the Arrillaga Family Recreation Center need this parking lot.  The food trucks will take away available parking spaces, as will the tents, as will the Off the Grid attendees, leaving no parking spaces for library patrons and class attendees.
You may not realize that there's a scheduled library program/event which meets once a month on Wednesday evenings, a Mystery Readers Group (from 7:15 pm to library closing time).  This ongoing group has been in existence for about 25 years and is organized by an amazing woman named Jackie Drew (a retired library staff member, and a force in the Friends of the Menlo Park Library).
I believe that if Off the Grid parks itself in the library parking lot, this will mean the end of this Mystery Readers Group.  It will be the death knell for this Mystery Readers Group.
Additionally, checking through  the Menlo Park Fall 2016 Activity Guide, I found 14 Wednesday classes (Jazz, Hoopsters, Music, Theater, Piano, Chess, Yoga, Tai Chi) which meet between the hours of 3:00 pm and 9:40 pm -- these classes would surely be impacted by this lack of parking. 
I thank you for reading these comments, and I respectfully ask you to consider choosing a different venue for Off the Grid.
Sincerely yours,Susan Walz128 Westridge DrivePortola Valley, CA 94028650-854-0272
Received on Fri Sep 23 2016 - 16:10:50 PDT

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