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Focus Group Invitation

From: domainremoved <Christa>
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2016 12:10:12 -0400

Dear City Councilmember ,


Following up to an email you should have received San Mateo County Sea Level Rise Team earlier, it is our great pleasure to personally invite you to participate in a focus group to discuss sea-level rise, associated flood risks and possible response options in San Mateo County.


The focus group is part of a larger project aimed at engaging San Mateo residents in learning about sea-level rise and associated flood risks, and finding out about possible response options. Dr. Susanne Moser of Susanne Moser Research & Consulting/Stanford University and Christa Daniels of Antioch University New England are conducting the focus groups to help San Mateo County leaders effectively engage local residents in preparing for and protecting themselves from these growing challenges.


You have been selected specifically to participate in a focus group of elected officials from across San Mateo County. We have two date/time options for the focus group, and we ask that you indicate your preferred and secondary choice, either on Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 5:30 PM or Saturday, October 22, 2016 at 9:30 AM. The focus group will be held at CuriOdyssey and will last approximately 3 hours. Please indicate which of the two dates listed above would work best for your schedule and we will do our best to accommodate your preference. Our goal is to create two well balanced and equally sized groups.


We will begin our focus group meeting at the Owl viewfinder installation located near the boathouse in Coyote Point Park to explore current and future flood risks. We will have a van available to take us to CuriOdyssey for the remainder of our time together. Only elected officials like yourself will participate in the focus group and it should be an interesting and enjoyable discussion.


If you are willing and able to participate, please RSVP by direct reply to this email to Christa Daniels at cdaniels1_at_(domainremoved)


Feel free to contact Christa or Susi (promundi_at_(domainremoved)


Once we hear back from you, we will send you directions to the meet-up location near the Owl installation and an entry pass into the park. Entry into the park will be free for this event, and there is plenty of parking near the Owls. Light food and refreshments will be served at the CuriOdyssey.


Please note, participation in this focus group is completely voluntary and everything that will be shared will be kept confidential. Your participation would be extremely helpful, however, to understand how individuals such as yourself view flood risks and what could be done about them.


So, we hope you will join us on either October 19th at 5:30 PM or October 22nd at 9:30 AM.  We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.




Susi Moser, Ph.D., Susanne Moser Research and Consulting

Christa Daniels, Antioch University


P.S.: And just another little nudge, given how busy we know you are: Taking part in this focus group, we hope, will be interesting and, in fact, benefit you personally. It will increase your understanding of how sea-level rise and associated flooding might affect you and help you better understand how you, your colleagues and San Mateo County can prepare for and protect yourselves and at-risk areas from these impacts. Attending this focus group will also give you an opportunity to connect with fellow elected officials of San Mateo County, learn of their views and talk with them about possible responses. So, come join us! It’s promising to be an interesting conversation!

Received on Thu Sep 22 2016 - 09:20:26 PDT

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