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SamTrans Route 82: requested bus stop change

From: domainremoved <Emily>
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2016 21:52:24 -0700

- David Olmeda, Caltrain Chief Operating Officer, Bus

- Jeffrey Gee, SamTrans Board of Directors, Southern Judicial Cities
Representative; Redwood City Council Member


- SamTrans Board of Directors

- Menlo Park City Council

- Maria Hilton, MPCSD School Board, Hillview Liaison

- Nader Barbari, Lorelei Neighborhood Association President

Dear Mr. Olmeda and Mr. Gee,

We are a group of parents who live in Lorelei Manor, a neighborhood served
by SamTrans route 82 to Hillview Middle School.

Ours is the first stop on the route, and our neighborhood functions as the
turnaround for the bus. It comes west down Bay Rd., turns right at Harmon,
goes down Callie, and turns left onto Christopher, where it waits for about
5 minutes before making a left onto Bay Rd. and beginning the route.

Our stop is on the south/west side of Bay Rd. This is on the opposite side
of the street from our neighborhood; it also is very close to the
intersection with Marsh Rd., a major thoroughfare between HW101 and
downtown Menlo Park. The children must get across Bay during the morning
rush hour, when, depending on the time of year, either it’s still dark
outside or the sun is rising into drivers’ eyes. Either way, driver
visibility is very poor, and there is no crosswalk or crossing guard.

The stop itself is extremely small, and there is no sidewalk on that side
of Bay. There is not enough room for all of the neighborhood children at
the actual stop, so at times they have to stand in the unprotected bike
lane; and when it rains, they get splashed by passing cars. The bus blocks
both the bike lane and oncoming traffic while it is stopping for the
passengers to board.

The current bus stop is unsafe, it creates traffic problems, and it is
dangerous for the children to walk to it.

We request one of two alternatives. Our first choice is for you to add a
stop on Christopher, where the bus is waiting already, so the children can
board from the sidewalk of a low-traffic street.

Failing this, we request that SamTrans flip the turnaround: route the bus
to turn in at Christopher rather than Harmon, and change our neighborhood
stop to the north/east side of Bay. This already-existing stop is much
safer since it’s on a sidewalk, and it’s less obtrusive to traffic flow
since the wider bike lane enables the bus to move over and give cars enough
room to pass the stopped bus safely.

We appreciate your prompt response. You can reach us via Emily Moberg
Robinson, secretary of the Lorelei Manor Neighborhood Association:

Thank you very much!


Nader Barbari

President, Lorelei Manor Neighborhood Association

Oscar Baranchuk

Shelley Baranchuk

Chris Beirne

Jen Carneiro

Victoria Crane

Ami Bhow

Gunjan Bhow

Jean Barbari

Judith Holiber

Jeff Jones

Lori Jones

Joshua LeVasseur

Margarita Mendez

Kathy Miller

Scott Miller

Susanne Rehner

Henry Riggs

Dirk Robinson

Emily Moberg Robinson

Nancy Sullivan

Kim Warsaw

Jack West

Lynn West

Sima Westwood

*Emily Moberg Robinson*
writing • revising • editing

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