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Letter from Blair Beekman. Letter #4 __________________________ The League of California Cities. Resolution Process. Awareness of Bicycle and Pedestrian Fatalities. With use of Vision Zero Program

From: domainremoved <bob>
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2016 16:25:29 -0700

      Hi, this is Blair Beekman, again. This is my second letter, since
yesterday. It should offer some interesting thoughts. After the Labor Day
weekend, I hope we can all sit down, and begin to think about, new
beginnings that are starting, in the Bay Area, and across the country, in
how a local government and its community, relate to each other.

      Questions about accountability and transparency, are beginning to be
answered. Answering these questions, on a local level, may actually have
good effect, and an important meaning, for all the people, of this earth,
and this world.

       I have written these letters, of yesterday and today, to the major
city and county governments. of the Bay Area. And to everyday people,
advocacy groups, union, and media, of the Bay Area.

       It is time to seriously ask, if we are going to allow the city of
San Jose, to continue their ideas and plans, for how to introduce
surveillance and technology, to a local community, Or is it time, that with
this letter writing, to have what may be called, a conversation, in working
together, as 'the Bay Area', towards a more peaceful future.

       I feel it is time, for what may be called, a 'regional

      There are peaceful new ideas, of local government, everyday people,
and, community democracy, that are seriously developing. Good dialogue, in
accountability and transparency is developing.

      I feel it time the city of San Jose, learn to grow up a bit. They
have answered certain questions, of how to prepare, for future police use
of force issues, better than anyone. A fine, and healthy example, for the
future of other cities, in this country.

      But on the issue of receiving and introducing new surveillance and
technology, San Jose, is still believing we are in a time of war, in some
ways, to satisfy some immature ideas, of the meaning of leadership. It is
time the city of San Jose, learn to mature a little. and learn that there
are peaceful and democratic ways, national security, surveillance and
technology ideas, can be introduced to a community.

       Peaceful, democratic ways, that will not rely on the tactics of war,
and a country, and a democracy, in a state of war, that I fear the city of
San Jose, are intending to continue to use.

      We are hopefully beginning a transition period, in how to build the
more peaceful ideas of democracy, as local communities, and as a country,
in ways we all like to work towards. We are hopefully learning to leave the
ideas, of a country, being in a state of war. or being in a continual state
of war.

       I hope you can talk with people and city government, from San Jose.
I hope we can all talk to each other, more. Write back if you can. I hope
you can enjoy the words and ideas, of these letters, of the past couple of

       Blair Beekman

> Dear city government of San Jose, local governments, the League of
>> California Cities, Bay Area UASI, agencies, advocacy groups, and others,
>> A healthier, more organized, constitutional idea, of local
>> government, is developing.
>> Some of the groups, working on these new ideas, include, the
>> county of Santa Clara, the city of Oakland, Alameda County, the ACLU, other
>> local bay area governments, agencies, and advocacy groups, of the east bay,
>> and the bay area. And interestingly, representatives from the State of
>> California, in Sacramento.
>> You had mentioned, talking to people in Sacramento, about your
>> awareness ideas, in bicycle and pedestrian fatalities. You should talk with
>> the people, in State Government, who are creating, a new standard and new
>> state laws, in accountability, transparency, and civil protections, in
>> issues about surveillance and technology, within local state communities.
>> They are creating guidelines, to give local communities, the
>> option to improve upon, good state laws being developed. This shouldn't be
>> the time, for local communities, to simply learn, how to take advantage, of
>> these good beginnings.
> For the city of San Jose, and the League of California Cities, to
>> continue in direct competition, or with the intention, to purposefully or
>> forcefully, continue the efforts and bad habits, created during a time of
>> war, is hurtful to what this new era, is beginning to work towards, and
>> actually accomplish.
>>> To respect the hurt, the past fifteen of wars has created, for
>> this world, I feel we need to honor, that a dialogue, and a process of
>> peace, is beginning. It should be allowed to grow, and to eventually
>> supercede, the unhealthy bad ideas and habits, the city of San Jose, the
>> LOCC, the federal government, and others, would like to purposefully
>> continue.
>> It has been fifteen years of fear, pain, hurt,
>> confusion, insecurity, and war, after the events, of 9/11/01. I think
>> peaceful, well-reasoned, and healthy ideas, are beginning to make
>> themselves clear.
>> The idea community health and well-being, is an important part
> of Vision Zero. Practicing open and transparent ideas in local community
> democracy, I think will be important, in this regard.
>> Obviously, federal and local government, Vision Zero, its national
>> security plans, its surveillance, and its technology, like all
>> surveillance, technology, and national security plans, in the future of
>> local communities, is going to have go through a more formal, open,
>> transparent, and accountable, local democratic process.
>> The question is, what will be the steps, to work towards this
>> idea.
>> I feel these steps can happen, with good ideas, positive thought, honest
>> work, the power of the pen, and the written word. It is how to form
>> this, into the good ideals, of this country. And the good ideals, of
>> constitutional law.
>> We are at the beginning, of a transition period. I feel it is
>> studying and learning to create, good guidelines, public oversight, and a
>> care for civil protections, along with respecting, and simply enjoying, the
>> well established, good ideas of democracy and the u.s. constitution, that
>> can be, some of the ideas, to help with a peaceful transition process.
>> With this, we can safely prepare, for the future of technology,
>> war, and terrorism. And to also address, the future of local discontent,
>> and in how to create an overall, healthy, sustainable, local community
>> process. New ideas, in guidelines and organization have started, with the
>> good, well thought out, peaceful ideas, of a democracy, and the u.s.
>> constitution.
>> It is helpful to think, there are now better, more honest forms,
>> of peaceful dialogue, to address, the original questions, of 9/11/01. And
>> the ideas of continual war and terrorism.
>> Among the many ways of peace and good thought, I hope we can all
>> respect and comprehend, a few basic ideas from the work the County of Santa
>> Clara, the State of California, and the city of Oakland, have started, for
>> the future of this country. And their work, in organization, transparency,
>> and public oversight, for surveillance and technology issues, for a local
>> community.
>> Sincerely,
>> Blair Beekman
Received on Thu Sep 01 2016 - 16:32:27 PDT

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