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A letter by Blair Beekman. Wednesday, August 31, 2016. Letter #10. ___________________ The League of California Cities, Resolution Process, Awareness in Bicycle and Pedestrian Fatalities. With use of Vision Zero Program.

From: domainremoved <bob>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2016 16:23:32 -0700

> Dear city government, of San Jose, the League of California Cities,
> UASI, local governments, agencies, advocacy groups, and others,
> Hi, this is Blair Beekman. For the time being, I
> hope you can please re-consider, and hopefully end, your awareness ideas,
> for a resolution process, and a leadership role, for future ideas of Vision
> Zero, with the League of California Cities, parts of the federal
> government, and others.
> The city government of San Jose's, introduction ideas, to the
> local community, for what should be the beginning, of a new era in national
> security, surveillance and technology, has been irresponsible, arrogant,
> reckless, undemocratic, and has been introduced, with the ideas of a
> community, to continue to live in, a heightened state, of insecurity, fear,
> and war.
> With this, it is my feeling, your city's ideas of
> future leadership, for this state and this country, will also be based, on
> how to plan, and how to continue the ideas, of disinformation,
> coercion, propaganda, manipulation, and to actively plan, how to limit the
> ideas of a fair, honest, local democratic process, in future communities,
> of the state, and possibly the country.
> This is a very matter-of-fact language. A more polite language, is
> to offer that basically, your groups will be wanting to continue, the
> democratic processes and practices, that are considered more acceptable, in
> a time of war. I find it, very important and necessary, your groups will
> have to re-evaluate, how it will intend to introduce, Vision Zero, national
> security plans, and surveillance and technology ideas, to local
> communities, in the future.
> It is the ideas of peace and the better constitutional and
> democratic ideas and ideals, of this country, that will be the way, in how
> to shape, the future of local communities, and this country. It is time
> your groups, learn to leave bad habits, and learn to look for, more
> peaceful and healthy ideas of a democracy, and a local community democracy
> The people of San Jose were patient, and compromised greatly,
> with the city government of San Jose, national security, surveillance and
> technology plans, from 2014, when a super bowl, was first announced, for
> the San Jose area. Here in 2016, the super bowl, and its national security
> issues, are over with. It is now time, for the city of San
> Jose government, to learn how to reciprocate, to the everyday people, and
> an intelligent, well meaning, activist community, of San Jose.
> It is time the city government, of San Jose, learns its own
> ideas, of patience, trust, and compromise. It is time the city government,
> learn to offer simple, good information, and more open, better reasoned
> ideas, for open community discussion. And to also respect, we are trying to
> leave the ideas of war, as a country, as a society, and as everyday people,
> of local communities. Better ideas of local community democracy, are
> developing.
>> With the help from government entities, like Santa Clara County,
> the State of California, the city of Oakland, Alameda County, the ACLU, and
> the everyday people, of local Bay Area government, local agencies, advocacy
> groups, and others, we may have finally entered a transition period, we
> have all been hoping for, and waiting for.
> This is no longer 2014. New ideas, and new legal standards and
> precedents, in peace, accountability, organization, guidelines, public
> oversight, democracy, are developing, in this state. A good, honest,
> logical, and reasonable dialogue, throughout the country, is also
> developing, and is being more trusted, between a local government,
> and its community. It is offering hope, and well reasoned thought, in
> how to work towards and build, the future of this country. A more
> accountable local government, with a more transparent process, for its
> local community democracy, is starting
> It is a part of a logic, and a reasoning, that will naturally
> build, based on more clear and better reasoned ideas of democracy, the u.s.
> constitution. When they work well together, they create a good reasoning,
> and ideas of peace. Ideas and legal precedents, are organizing, that can
> help, in how to leave the ways, of confusion and opacity, created in the
> past fifteen years, of war.
> For the few good intentions, the city of San Jose, and the
> League of California Cities, will offer, with their resolution process, and
> their awareness plans, I fear they will literally offer, many other hidden
> and secret agendas, that will be meant to take advantage, and not be
> honest, with the people of local communities, and that will coerce,
> the basic democratic practices, of local communities.
> Whether there is a future Vision Zero in this country or not,
> federal and local governments, are going to have to learn, to be more
> accountable and transparent, with national security plans,
> and surveillance, and technology ideas, for everyday people and their local
> communities. It is a question of when, and how to begin. I think this is
> the time, to start to look for, and learn how to practice, the better
> ideals of this country.
> The county of Santa Clara, the city of Oakland, and other Bay
> Area cities, have been working on guidelines, organization,
> public oversight, and transparency, for surveillance and technology
> projects, within their community. Not connecting, and offering a heavy
> sense of competition, hidden and secret agendas, the intended
> use of opacity, and the overall practicing, as if this country, is still in
> a state of war. Or to practice, a heightened state of war, or national
> disaster, national security preparedness, will subvert and take away. from
> the peaceful intentions, the peaceful goals, and the overall good, that can
> come from what is being worked on, for all of us.
> I feel this is an important time, a transition period. It is the
> time to look, and that we can honestly work towards, how to leave the bad
> habits, the bad ideas, the pain, and the hurt, that has been created, in
> the past fifteen years of war. Not in how to re-invent, and re-create, the
> bad habits, bad ideas, and status quo, of the past fifteen years. What is
> being worked on, by many local Bay Area governments, and with everyday
> people, and advocacy groups, around the Bay Area, is the idea of a better
> future, for the people of local communities, and this country. This could
> eventually lead, to better relationships, with people of the world.
> There is something good beginning. I find it important, the city
> of San Jose, the League of California Cities, parts of the federal
> government, and others, are going to have re-evaluate, in how to
> understand, their awareness ideas, in bicycle and pedestrian fatalities,
> for their resolution process. And how Vision Zero, will be used in these
> awareness plans. These groups, will also need to re-evaluate, what the idea
> of leadership means. They going to have to re-learn, what trust and respect
> is, of the everyday people, of local communities, they say they are trying
> to serve.
> I hope your groups, can take the time, to understand, what is
> possible, and the many steps it takes, to leave being a society, that
> mostly builds, towards the ideas of war. And to be considered a society,
> that is working more toward the ideas of peace. Legal standards and
> precedents, are starting, in places like the County of Santa Clara, the
> city of Oakland, and the state of California, with
> accountability, organization, beginning guidelines, public oversight,
> transparency, and better ideas in civil protections.
> Please learn, to take the time and the effort, to end your
> harmful practices. There are important ideas, of peaceful, better reasoning
> democracy, that are developing in the Bay Area, in the state, and across
> the country, that is meant for everyone, to be a part of.
> Sincerely,
> Blair Beekman
> p.s. I hope your own groups, do not have plans, to hurt this new
> peaceful democratic process, that may be beginning. the city of San Jose,
> the League of California Cities, parts of the federal government, and
> others, possibly heavily competing, with this peaceful process, will
> be defeating a healthy future, for all of us. We are at a point, in our
> lives, and we have the space to ask, how do we leave, building this
> society, toward the ideas of war. And how do we start to return, to build
> this society, more towards the ideas of peace.
> I have a few questions, I hope your groups, can think about, and
> you can offer some honest answers to yourselves. How strong are your ideas
> of competing? Are there ways, you can work to end, practices of the bad
> ideas, bad habits, and the status quo, created in the past fifteen years of
> war? Why would your groups, want to purposely try to avoid, the good ideas,
> that are developing, for a local community democracy? Are you willing to
> make, adjustments and compromises, with the good ideas that are developing?
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