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We need a resident bus between Laurel Campuses

From: domainremoved <Danielle>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2016 16:57:17 +0000 (GMT)

My name is Danielle Wood and I live on Menlo Oaks Drive, just a short walk from Laurel's lower campus. I am a Laurel school parent and I walk my daughter, who is 7, to school every day. Before that I walked my son, who is now 13- so I've been doing that walk to Laurel on Coleman every school day for 9 years.   It's always been a little bit scary to walk to Laurel-- drivers are in a hurry and many are new to driving because they're freshly licensed high school drivers heading to MA. I've seen multiple cars stop in the middle of the street for no apparent reason, or swerve into the shoulder to talk to a friend they see walking by. I've walked to Laurel with kindergarteners I've held with an iron grip, held my breath as they swerve to kick a stone, or catch up to a friend, and seen multiple kids come within a hair's breath of being hit by a car-- on bike or on foot. My family loves to ride bikes, but I won't consider doing that to the upper Laurel campus next year when my daughter enters 3rd grade-- I've seen too many close calls on Coleman as I walked by. You have to know your child is an airtight bike rider-- ready to bike defensively just in case a car does something unexpected, and I don't have confidence that my child can do that. I want the option for her to be bused to school. I see first hand the traffic building in our neighborhood and biking to school is going to get even more dangerous as MA grows dramatically over the next few years. Having a bus for residents will make living near the school easier to deal with-- I can tell you this with absolute confidence because I deal with the parking issues and dangerous drivers every day. I also deal with the noise and the garbage people drop out of their cars every day on their way to lower Laurel or MA. While it may seem noisy to have a bus, it will actually reduce overall noise and traffic for residents.  Having an option for a resident bus also makes it possible for families with two working parents to get their kids to school, and for families with kids on both campuses to make things work. It's just the right thing to do-- for neighbors, for kids, and for the environment. I hope you will do what's right for our school families, who will depend on this bus to make their lives run, and to keep their neighborhoods from being overrun with traffic.  I will not be able to make the meeting tonight due to a previous family commitment. I hope this email will inspire the Board to do what's right for local families and the schools that serve them. Danielle Wood 573 Menlo Oaks Drive Menlo Park, CA 94025
Received on Wed Aug 31 2016 - 10:03:22 PDT

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