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School Buses on Oak Court

From: domainremoved <Candace>
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2016 15:18:16 -0700

Ms. Creighton,
I am Candace Hathaway, an Oak Court resident, and we just spoke briefly on
the phone about the misunderstanding about school buses on Oak Court. This
email summarizes our conversation and I encourage you to forward it to
parents who are concerned about busing plan for Upper Laurel School. As
principal, you could help to clarify an unfortunate misunderstanding.

I want to be very clear that Oak Court residents are NOT opposing school
buses or emergency vehicles. On the contrary, if students could arrive in
buses, parents wouldn¹t need to drive them. That would reduce the number
of car trips and makes this street safer for the kids who are walking and
biking. In fact, it would solve a huge traffic problem if the District would
bus every child who cannot walk or bike.

What is at issue is that for two years we have been trying to get a written
agreement with the District that prevents a ³slippery slope² of other
vehicular using of that entrance. The only traffic plan we know of is the
one that was approved in the Negative Declaration of the Environmental
Study and was repeatedly made to us in meetings and in very recent emails.
We have asked for that plan to be stated in a written agreement.

Just this week, we became aware that a different busing plan was presented
to Upper Laurel parents. Unfortunately, the lack of consistent, coordinated
communication has created conflict where there is actually a common
interest. Both Oak Court residents and Upper Laurel parents want to reduce
the number of car trips to school and make Oak Court a safe route for kids
who walk or bike. I hope we can join together in getting the District to
finally commit to a plan that gets all students to school efficiently and
If I can answer any questions about this issue, please call me. You are
welcome to give my number to concerned Upper Laurel parents.

Candace Hathaway
444 Oak Court
(650) 208-6405
Received on Tue Aug 30 2016 - 15:24:49 PDT

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