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From: domainremoved <Quenn>
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2016 08:43:59 -0700

Made a typo and resending the message.

I was following the live webcast last week during the city council meeting and you have a hand full of RC pilots who fly a non motorized gliders showing their gliders. Here are several videos that will give you a better understanding on how they work and you notice it will not make any noises that will not annoy some hikers enjoying the peace at the park. Hopefully the ban will be modified to just allow non motorized gliders later next year during a review of the master plan and getting the ranger in place at the park.

Sometime this week, I will show you videos evidence of no bird nesting area near the flight area or the rest of the park, which was claimed by the environmental groups and also will show you a Google map of the area they fly from. Keep in mind that birds from a specific species do not nest in dry areas and they prefer to nest in the wetlands where it is green and wet and you most likely will find them outside of the park. They only birds you see are Canadian geese and pigeons grazing the grass area.

Anyways, here some videos of none motorized gliders. You can just type the name of the title on the YouTube search engine or use the YouTube link to view the videos.

Flite Test - Discus Launch Glider


Flite Test - Dream-Flight Alula - REVIEW


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