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Busing to Laurel Upper

From: domainremoved <Meghan>
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2016 20:33:27 -0700

Dear the MPCSD and MP City Council Members,

I am a Laurel parent and Menlo Park resident. It has come to my attention
that the Oak Court gate located at the far side of the Upper Laurel parking
lot may only be allowed to open once in the morning and once in the
afternoon for one school bus (the Tinsley bus). While I am sympathetic to
those who live along Oak Court who wish to keep their street quiet, it is
crucial that the gate be allowed to be used as needed, by Laurel School,
for the following reasons:

- Busing will make the streets around Upper Laurel safer for everyone,
including those who live along Oak Court (school bus drivers must pass a
rigorous driving test and they follow the highest driving protocols).
- The only way for buses to be able to drop off and pick up students at
Upper Laurel is to use the Oak Court gate (neither Elliott Drive nor the
parking lot are wide enough to allow buses to turn around).
- The alternatives to having buses use the Oak Court gate would be buses
picking up and dropping off kids on busy neighborhood streets and then
having the kids navigate to school by foot.
- If residents are not given the option to ride the bus to school, there
will be more kids being driven, more cars on the road, and more traffic on
our streets.
- Buses are needed for field trips.

As part of a larger Safe Routes program, busing to Upper Laurel should be
increased, not decreased! Please make sure that our kids, and the future
Laurel kids, have the opportunity to bus to school.

Thank you for your consideration,
Meghan Martinez
340 Marmona Dr., MP
Received on Sat Aug 27 2016 - 20:39:54 PDT

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