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Misleading Color Brochure announcing "Town Hall" General Plan update meetings.

From: domainremoved <George>
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2016 18:43:23 -0700

The Color Brochure announcing the September General Plan Update open houses
misleads residents into believing ConnectMenlo is limited to “land use
changes and development standard changes for the M-2 zoning area and
[unspecified] citywide mobility issues.” *Brochure, second sentence*.
However, ConnectMenlo changes the Land Use General Plan Element [section]
for the entire city and also changes the Circulation (Transportation)
General Plan Element [section] applicable to the entire city. Neither of
these General Plan Element changes is limited to the M-2 area. The only
M-2 specific changes are the M-2 rezoning.

The Breadth of ConnectMenlo Menlo Park wide changes is articulated clearly
in the first sentence of the Introduction to the ConnectMenlo DEIR:

“ . . .[T]he City of Menlo Park General Plan (Land Use & Circulation
Elements) and M-2 Area Zoning Update, also known as ConnectMenlo is
considered a project . . ..”

The misleading scope of changes falsely limited to M-2 area in the Color
Brochure is simply a continuation of the deceit and obfuscation throughout
the General Plan revision process to allow more development. Development
raises revenues to the city, at the expense of Traffic, Housing, and
Burdens of development throughout the city. At a minimum property owners
and residents are entitled to a clear explanation of the major General Plan
changes to the entire city, instead of the constant recital of “this
[General Plan Changes] affects only Menlo Park on the other side of 101
(“over there”)”.

It is time for City Council Members to grab ahold of the City Manager’s
runaway deception train and insist on specification of what changes are
being made to the General Plan citywide Land Use Element and the General
Plan citywide Transportation element. The Transportation element change
specification must include concise descriptions of cut-through traffic
caused by these changes, and the specific changes to the City Circulation
System Assessment (CSA) document and the Transportation Impact Analysis
(TIA) Guidelines. The General Plan Land Use element changes must specify
the quantity of City Wide new development and relevant information of the
affect of that development on Housing, Schools, Recreation, Safety and
general well being of the entire City.
Received on Tue Aug 23 2016 - 18:49:56 PDT

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