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Support for Safe Bike Routes to Upper Laurel & Measures to Reduce Congestion on Willow Road

From: domainremoved <Diane>
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2016 18:55:03 +0000

Dear City Council Members,

I'm writing on behalf of Menlo Spark, a local nonprofit, working towards a sustainable, vibrant and climate neutral Menlo Park by 2025. Safe bike routes allow healthy commute options that reduce roadway congestion, fossil fuel use and pollution, improving our community sustainability.

I strongly support the Menlo Park Bicycle Commission recommendation urging the City to direct staff to do a comprehensive study of Safe Routes to the new Upper Laurel School as soon as possible. Please also consider fast-tracking a crossing guard for at least one of the major intersections of Willow, either at Gilbert or Coleman, during school commute times. This would increase safety and decrease congestion.

The thoughts and concerns of all stakeholders matter. I hope you are able to reach a speedy resolution to a safe bike route to Upper Laurel that addresses the concerns of businesses but prioritizes the safety of students and residents. Thank you for taking up this urgent matter. We hope to see safe bike route improvements quickly, as some students will begin biking to Upper Laurel in October, whether safer infrastructure is in place or not.

Thank you also for considering options to address Willow Road traffic congestion in the study session tonight. We support the City's effort to reduce congestion along Willow Road, particularly measures that provide alternatives to driving and reduce carbon and other emissions. Alternative measures such as expanding shuttle service will not only help address congestion, they'll also help Menlo Park reach its climate plan goals.

In addition to the measures planned for discussion this evening, we recommend further exploration of close coordination with the City of Palo Alto to create more alternatives to driving for the many Willow Road drivers headed to and from downtown Palo Alto.

Reducing congestion on Willow Road will increase bicycle safety; and improving safe bike routes will create meaningful alternatives to driving, thereby reducing congestion. We look forward to working with the City to support these important measures.
Diane Bailey

Diane Bailey | Executive Director
Visit us: www.MenloSpark.org<http://www.menlospark.org/>
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Climate Neutral for a Healthy, Prosperous Menlo Park

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