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Feedback on the proposed band of "drones"

From: domainremoved <Kevin>
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2016 23:56:26 -0700


Thank you for taking the time to read my feedback on the proposal to ban “drones” from Bedwell Bayfront Park.

It’s not clear from the proposal if it applies only to motor driven drones, or also applies to motorless gliders.

My friends and I have flown gliders in the park for the last 20 years. The gliders do not have a motor or propellor and are silent. We take steps to avoid impacting other park-goers. In my experience, most of the other park-goers are quite interested in our gliders. We are happy to show them how they work, and take the opportunity to get the kids excited about science and technology and the joy of flying.

Since I am retired, getting out to the park for some exercise and social interactions with other fliers is invaluable.

We allways follow FAA and AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) guidelines. The impact of our gliders is absolutely minimal. They make no noise, smell, or commotion.

In terms of impact to wildlife, the many hikers, bikers and dogs (particularly the large number of unleashed dogs) are by far the largest impact on wildlife. The regular mowing of the grasses has an effect on the wildlife. I am also a avid bird watcher and animal lover, and I don’t believe our flying has a negative impact on the wildlife in the park.

Since the introduction of “drones” in the last several years, they have certainly caused the need for some discussion about regulations, but hopefully whatever regulations are placed on drones will not apply to flying gliders in Bayfront park.

I urge you to vote no on the ban, or at least exempt gliders from these restrictions.

thank you,
-Kevin Tiene
Received on Tue Aug 23 2016 - 00:02:08 PDT

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