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Regarding the proposed Laurel Bike Plan

From: domainremoved <Sheldon>
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2016 20:36:40 -0700


The plan(s) have various no parking requirements, additional signs, and additional stop signs. My house is on Gilbert. I am against all of it.


1. No parking on Gilbert will make it a more of a raceway than it already is.

2. Children have to learn how to ride bikes safely and defensively in all types of traffic situations.

3. The existing laws have to be ENFORCED. Too many autos and bicycles are not paying attention to the road, traffic or to the existing signs.

4. I don’t want signs on the sidewalk by my house. I would rather look at trees than signs.



Of the plans I have seen, I think getting the bicycles off Gilbert and on to Elm would be safer for the bicyclists at the intersection with Menalto.


Sheldon Kay
Received on Sat Aug 20 2016 - 20:43:01 PDT

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