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Bayfront Park

From: domainremoved <Barbara>
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2016 17:25:44 -0700

Dear Menlo Park City Council, please honor the restorative purpose of Bayfront Park, which is bordered on 3 sides be a wildlife preserve. Many activities are suitable there which are quiet and fit in with the stated intent of the park. However, Quad Copters and radio controlled aircraft are in direct violation of the written purpose of the park, are noisy, intrusive by watching people on the trails, sometimes fly higher than the 400 ft. allowed by the FAA, disturb both people and wildlife, which take precedent.

This issue has gone on too long. Bayfront is a treasure. Yes, Facebook is an economic engine, but this park should be a top priority for this city to honor. There is nothing like it on the Peninsula. The views, the great variety of wildlife, the multicultural aspect of this unique place should be something that the city wants to protect. You might think it just dead hills over a garbage dump. Wrong. It is a huge open space with views all around that has been transformed by those who cared into a place of beauty.

As a 40 year resident (and frequent walker at the park) of Menlo Park I ask you to amend the code to include banning all motorized vehicles to also include Quad Copters and motorized aircraft. Barbara Phillips 155 Laurel Avenue,
Menlo Park.

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