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Revised Laurel connector bike route

From: domainremoved <Leslie>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2016 15:05:33 -0700

We are writing in response to the letter we rec'd regarding the bike routes
in front of my house. We own the properties at 1956 and 1956A Menalto Ave.
Elm Street dead ends at our property so the intersection is directly in
front of our house.

We are in support of the As-is with sharrow option on Menalto in front of
our homes. However, since it is not a preferred option and we doubt you
will agree to this, my second choice would be no parking on alternating
sides- option B. It is difficult to keep track of when to park out front
and I see this as being an issue.
That said, we often park on Elm street since it is much wider and has very
little traffic. We are not in support and very much *against restricting
parking on Elm Street. *

I think this is a good time to bring up the reason there is heavy traffic
on Menalto during the morning and afternoon commute times. Cars go back and
forth on Menalto from *downtown Palo Alto* to the Willow/101 intersection
and either get on the freeway or go to Dumbarton Bridge.
The cars travel down Lytton, along the creek, crossing the creek and
continue down Woodland to Menalto in the afternoon and visa versa in the
morning. (They also travel Hamilton to Chaucer and University to Chaucer).
This is because the University avenue and Willow Road are so backed up they
cut through our neighborhood streets in Menlo Park. When is Menlo Park
going to step up and stop the traffic coming from downtown Palo Alto and
cutting through our neighborhoods? I have seen lines of cars 10 to 15 deep,
turning left from Palo Alto Avenue over the Chaucer/Pope street bridge and
come down Menalto at 5 pm on weekdays. No doubt there must be 1000 cars
that travel from downtown PA and cut through each day, twice a day. My
suggestion- *Close the Chaucer street bridge to cars!! *Then Menalto
would be a quiet little street and there would be no issue with kids riding
bikes to school on our street!

Leslie Mills
Russell Button
Received on Wed Aug 10 2016 - 15:12:18 PDT

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