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Comments on: Laurel Connector Bike Plan, updated 7/27/2016

From: domainremoved <Bradford>
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2016 13:01:05 -0700

Dear Jen and Menlo Park City Council ~

I really appreciate your efforts with this plan Jen. I just filled out your online survey and here are my main comments again regarding this short stretch as detailed below, which I'm also submitting here to the Menlo Park City Council.

I'm an owner of a townhouse at 610 Gilbert Ave.

Kinda regards
~ Brad

Re: Opposed to Gilbert Ave parking restrictions between Willow Rd and Santa Margarita Ave for Laurel Connector Bike Plan, updated 7/27/2016
We have fairly heavy parking use of Gilbert in that short stretch during the day already. All daytime workers, any visitors, and all overnight guests at condo townhouse units all must park there during the day, plus there's the tree in the road--which is good for traffic calming & bikes, but interrupts what parking we do have on that side already.
My feeling is that due to the "no right turn" on Gilbert in the AM and the relatively calm nature of that stretch that a clear lane with no cars isn't necessary for bike safety. We essentially fall under the same reasoning why you didn't choose Coleman (in your FAQs), where you say, "Parking restrictions would also impose a heavy burden on apartment dwellers" ...
Now I'm all in favor of safer biking routes. I just don't think the stretch from Willow to Santa Margarita, being not even half a block really, is needed, it's fairly wide and safe and there usually actually aren't that many cars parked there, but to have to move ones car midday seems a hardship given the relatively little benefit I see.
Basically I don't think for this short half block the benefit of restricted parking outweighs the costs.
Thanks for listening.
Mobile: +1 650-804-9555
Received on Tue Aug 09 2016 - 13:08:19 PDT

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