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Bike Safety from Upper Laurel to the San Mateo County Line - Proposal

From: domainremoved <Jennifer>
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2016 22:44:53 -0700

Dear Menlo Park City Council Members and Others,

Attached please find a proposal I have put together outlining a Safe Route
to School for Upper Laurel that is set to open on October 17, 2016.

I will be in attendance at the July 19th Menlo Park City Council meeting
and during public comments I plan to request that the report be put on the
agenda and discussed at the August 30th City Council meeting.

I realize that all of you are very busy and I thank you in advance for your
attention to this matter.

Jen Wolosin
2 Alder Place, Menlo Park

On Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 1:39 PM, Jennifer Wolosin <jenwolosin_at_(domainremoved)

> To Whom it May Concern,
> I am a Laurel mom of two kids. My older daughter will be in 3rd grade this
> year and will be attending Upper Laurel. My son will be in 1st grade and
> will be attending Lower Laurel. We live in Vintage Oaks on Alder Place,
> right in between the two Laurel campuses. I am extremely concerned and
> passionate about keeping ALL kids safe on their ways to and from schools.
> I have just had an opportunity to review the Recommendation to City
> Council to Approve the Installation of No Stopping Zones in the Willows
> Neighborhood (Staff Report Number 16-008-TC)(
> http://www.menlopark.org/DocumentCenter/View/10753) . I have also looked
> at the MPCSD enrollment maps attached (although dated Oct. 2015, I can't
> imagine the trends have changed much). While I appreciate some of the
> proactive steps being taken to address the Upper Laurel campus' opening in
> October, I have some concerns/questions:
> - *Make bike lanes and/or No Parking during certain hours on Gilbert
> and Menalto*. Given that a great number of Laurel students traveling
> to the new campus will be coming from north of Willow, why is Gilbert
> Avenue becoming a Sharrow rather than having dedicated bike lanes? It
> appears that there is sufficient room on the road for proper bike lanes. If
> the City can't do that, then Gilbert should at least have No Parking during
> school drop off and pick up hours so that kids can safely bike past without
> having to ride in the middle of the road (during busy school commute
> hours). Is it possible to make No Parking on one side of the street during
> the morning and the other side No Parking in the afternoon to reflect
> school bike traffic patterns? This would also be true for Menalto. The
> Upper Laurel campus will be composed of older kids (grades 3-5) and many
> these children are capable of biking with friends without adult
> supervision. We owe it to them to provide a safe route.
> - *Don't forget Gilbert north of Willow and add stop sign at Santa
> Monica and Coleman. *The maps attached to the staff report
> (Attachments A & B) fail to show any areas north of Willow Road. This is
> problematic. Laurel kids traveling from Atherton, Flood Park, Menlo Oaks,
> Vintage Oaks, South of Seminary, the Coleman Apartments and more are not
> taken into consideration with regards to the safe routes. Gilbert Avenue,
> north of Willow must also be treated the same as the areas south of Willow.
> Furthermore, a stop sign on Coleman Avenue at the corner of Santa Monica
> and Coleman must be installed. If Gilbert Avenue is a suggested safe route
> for kids, then they must be able to connect to Gilbert from Coleman.
> - *No parking on Coleman Avenue. *Regarding Coleman Avenue, again,
> assuming that kids will be encouraged to cross Willow at and bike along
> Gilbert, No Parking should be added on the East side of Coleman from
> approximately Riordan (where the apartments end) to Santa Monica. Please
> note that the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors recently passed a
> measure making the County stretch of Coleman Avenue No Parking during
> morning drop off and pick up hours. Signs will be going up in the next few
> months. For the City's section of road, bike lanes, and at a minimum,
> Sharrows should also be put on Coleman. If the City and the District are
> suggesting to kids on bikes to cross Willow at Coleman, then the entire
> stretch of Coleman that falls within the City's jurisdiction should be made
> No Parking. I actually think this should be done anyway so that kids
> traveling to Laurel's Lower campus on Edge Road, and teenagers traveling to
> M-A HS are safe.
> - *Add a Crossing Guard at Willow Road.* If the City is truly
> committed to kids walking and biking to the Upper Campus, a crossing guard
> should be stationed at Willow Road, wherever kids are being encouraged to
> cross (I'm assuming it's Gilbert).
> - *Develop Safe Routes to School Map for Upper Campus. *Finally, I am
> extremely eager to see the Suggested Routes map that will be given to
> parents of Laurel kids. It is critical that this map show those within a 1
> mile radius of school how to best bike and walk. All of the other MPCSD
> schools have a map like this (
> http://menlopark.schoolwires.net/Page/125)*.
> My 8 year old daughter is so excited to attend Upper Laurel this Fall.
> This summer she has been practicing riding her bike down Gilbert to prepare
> herself to commute to school via bicycle. Please do everything you can to
> keep my daughter, and all of our children and neighbors' children, safe on
> their ways to and from school.
> I'll be at the Transportation Commission meeting tomorrow night. I look
> forward to seeing many of you there.
> Thank you for your consideration,
> Jen Wolosin
> 2 Alder Place, Menlo Park
> 415-710-5838
> jenelias_at_(domainremoved)
> *Please note that I am also extremely concerned about the Laurel Suggested
> Routes to School Map. It shows Coleman Avenue as a suggested walking
> route...and it then has a huge disclaimer stating, "No dedicated walking
> path available in this section, please watch for vehicle traffic." This is
> a problem.

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