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Fwd: fire district comments

From: domainremoved <Steve>
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2016 18:16:54 -0700

FYI: When Caltrans came to the City of Menlo Park in 1997-8 to seek the
support of the City Council for widening the Bayfront Expressway, they
dragged the MP Fire Protection District to our public hearing. The District
representative touted emergency access as a major reason why the widening
was necessary. As a result six travel lanes, two turn lanes at
intersections and an eight foot shoulder on each side were approved and
built as part of the project. The eight-foot shoulders are still there and
should still be wide enough for the 2016 emergency vehicle models.

There is no apparent need for them to now have access to the Bay Trail or
other bike/pedestrian facilities in the M-2 zone, contrary to the Fire
District's comment to the Facebook Draft E.I.R. cited below.

Steve Schmidt
Menlo Park City Council

2. *Significant Traffic Impacts on Emergency Access Routes*

P 2.1p - Bicycle/Pedestrian Circulation
Bicycle/pedestrian paths, used for public purposes, should be wide enough
and strong enough to support emergency vehicles. Improvements to the
current network along Bayfront Expressway would assist first responders,
who already use these paths, when traffic conditions create gridlock, as a
parallel alternatives to Bayfront Expressway, Reference the Bay Trail Plan

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