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Laurel School - Bike Lanes needed

From: domainremoved <Sarah>
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2016 22:34:27 +0000 (UTC)

  Dear Menlo Park City Council Members,
As a Laurel School parent and Menlo Park resident, I wanted to voice my concerns about the transportation recommendations being considered for Laurel's new Upper Campus in the Willows Neighborhood (provided in Staff Report 16-008-TC - http://www.menlopark.org/DocumentCenter/View/10753).
If Menlo Park is truly committed to Safe Routes to Schools for our children, we must:
   - Implement bike lanes, not sharrows, along Gilbert Avenue.
   - Make Gilbert Avenue a "No Parking" area during school drop off and pick up hours.
   - Provide a dedicated crossing guard at Willow Road and Gilbert AND at Gilbert and Menalto.

Although I know it would be best for the environment and traffic to let my kids walk or bike to school; I currently do not allow them to do so at the Laurel Lower Campus because of the extremely unsafe conditions on Coleman Avenue. I hope we will not create another unsafe situation for our children that also increases traffic in an already impacted neighborhood by ignoring the importance of safe routes to school yet again. The children at the Laurel Upper Campus who live in the Willows will be old enough to safely walk or bike to school with their peers if we can provide them with safe routes to do so.
Please do what you can to keep our kids safe.
Thank you for your consideration,Sarah CollinsLaurel Parent
Received on Wed Jul 13 2016 - 15:40:42 PDT

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