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Staff Report #16-008-TC

From: domainremoved <James>
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2016 15:19:01 -0700

Hello Council Members,

I am not able to attend the Transportation Committee meeting tonight, but I
wanted to add my voice to Jen Wolosin's in raising concerns about how much
is being done to allow our children to safely make their way by bike or on
foot to both Laurel upper and lower campuses. I live at 651 Coleman Ave.,
so my kids have to contend with the mess that is Coleman and Ringwood and
next year my 3rd grader will need to navigate Coleman, Willow, Gilbert and

The way things are right now, I am not comfortable letting them walk or
bike either route, due to poor bike paths and sidewalks, and
lax/nonexistent parking and traffic enforcement. We regularly see people
running red lights, driving while distracted and my wife was personally
tailgated by a driver on Coleman who couldn't wait another moment to get
around the Willow traffic - I can't imagine my 8 year old having to deal
with that.

In my opinion far too much is being done to ease the way for the traffic in
the area and almost nothing is planned to truly allow our children to
safely make their way to school in any other way but driving - which adds
to noise, traffic and pollution around both schools.

Please consider the many forward thinking changes that Jen is proposing,

   - Implementing bike lanes and no parking, NOT sharrows, along Gilbert
   - Including the area north of Willow in SRTS planning, including:
   - A stop sign at Coleman and Santa Monica
      - No parking on Coleman between Santa Monica and Riordan (although no
      parking all along Coleman would be preferable if considering
biking traffic
      to M-A).
      - Reduced speeds.
   - Providing a dedicated crossing guard at Willow Road and Gilbert.

The explosive growth at Facebook and downtown are awesome for our
community, they also present many challenges. We need to contain the
traffic on Willow Rd to Willow Rd in the short term and resolve the
congestion in the medium term, making concessions to people who are going
around the Willow backup is a terrible idea.

The walkability and bike-ability of Menlo Park are a huge part of what
makes it a great place to live, please preserve that for our kids and for
the rest of us in east Menlo Park!


James Loftus
Laurel School Parent
Received on Wed Jul 13 2016 - 15:25:51 PDT

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