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Facebook Expansion draft EIR- Comments from the Bicycle Commission

From: domainremoved <Bill>
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2016 18:03:11 -0700

Dear Mr. Perata:

We are writing on behalf of the Bicycle Commission of the City of Menlo
Park with comments regarding the transportation mitigation measures
found in the Facebook Campus Expansion Project Draft EIR dated May 2016.
We find the mitigation measures within the Draft EIR to be substantially
in opposition to Menlo Park's City Council-adopted Complete Streets policy.

The suggested mitigations are generally detrimental to pedestrians and
bicyclists and not in the spirit or direction of a transportation plan
that serves the vision of Complete Streets.

The EIR repeatedly references Level of Service (LOS) impacts on various
street segments throughout the City. LOS only measures how well a street
segment serves automobiles. The mitigation measures articulated for each
impact are generally aimed at addressing LOS, without sufficient
consideration for vulnerable users such as pedestrians and bicyclists.

The Bicycle and Transportation Commissions have both suggested to the
City that LOS is an outdated and inappropriate measurement tool, and
that Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) would be a better measure to guide
transportation planning to meet a changing mix of roadway users.

Menlo Park is growing and straining under a booming economy. Facebook
represents a new generation of worker looking for quality of life
alternatives to the automobile. We as a community have a responsibility
to provide alternatives that will help insure Menlo Park continues to be
an attractive place to work and raise families.

We respectfully ask the City to follow its adopted Complete Streets
policy, to discontinue the use of LOS as a primary measurement tool and
instead adopt Vehicle Miles Traveled.


Lydia Lee, Commissioner

Bill Kirsch, Commissioner and Vice Chair

City of Menlo Park Bicycle Commission
Received on Mon Jul 11 2016 - 18:09:11 PDT

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