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Extension on Facebook Draft EIR

From: domainremoved <Cecilia>
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2016 16:34:42 -0700

July 11th, 2016

Kyle Perata, Senior Planner

City of Menlo Park

Planning Division

701 Laurel Street

Menlo Park, CA 94025

Re: Comments on Draft EIR for Facebook Project

Dear Mr. Perata,

We appreciate the opportunity to comment on the Draft EIR for the Facebook
Expansion Project. As Residents of Menlo Park, Belle Haven area, we have
grave concerns about the changes being proposed for our community. The most
important human aspects of our lives are not being addressed,
Socio-Economics. How can you address environmental impact without including
this very important piece?

Here are a list of our major concerns:


   We want a 15 day extension on the comment period. Yes the seasoned and
   experience City Council and Planning Commission may be able to read and
   digest the Draft EIR without hesitation. Nonetheless these members are not
   a reflection of the community most impacted, Belle Haven.


   The Draft EIR ignores the indirect displacement of current and/or
   already displaced Belle Haven residents. The City of Menlo Park to our
   knowledge does not keep track of displacement including foreclosures. There
   is an existing housing affordability gap and the EIR proposes no solutions
   to an “area of controversy in Belle Haven”.


   The Draft EIR did not mention that the Belle Haven Community will be
   affected by housing impact; only East Palo Alto.


   The Draft EIR indirectly ignores integrated affordability.


   Despite creating 6,550 new jobs, the EIR does not address first source
   hiring. Currently the percentage of people Belle Haven residents employed
   locally by the developer is extremely low. And as a result, increases the
   amount of traffic entering and exiting the BelleHaven Community.


   The EIR estimates that only 7.6 of new employees would live in Menlo
   Park is an indirect contradiction to the stated traffic mitigation goals
   because 92.4% of new employees would come from outside the City.


   With the job growth the EIR anticipates, this will increase the Vehicle
   Miles Traveled for the new employees hired since they will not be living in
   the Belle Haven Community. This decreases the air quality of a community
   already impacted heavily by traffic and health problems as a result of the
   poor air quality caused by the increased vehicle trips.


   The EIR does not mention the impact of the 777 Hamilton Avenue units.
   Our concerns are traffic and the lack of integrated affordable housing.
   This impacts our air quality and our quality of life.


   The lack of affordable units will create an environmental impact because
   lower-income workers will continued to be pushed out and will have to
   commute from farther distances increasing traffic and greenhouse gases. The
   EIR ignores economic displacement. San Mateo County is one of the most
   expensive areas of California to reside. And as popularity for current
   businesses in the Belle Haven area increases so will the cost of living in
   the area. Rents will rise and while wages stays the same. For every one
   tech job there are three to four new service sector jobs created. And
   unfortunately these wages are insufficient for the cost of living in this


   Traffic congestion is a significant issue in our community. In
   particular the intersections in Belle Haven and East Palo Alto that may
   experience an increase in cut-through traffic from commuters. Streets and
   intersections of particular concern are Willow Road and Hamilton Avenue,
   Ivy Drive and Willow Road, Chilco Street and Hamilton Avenue, Willow Road
   and Newbridge Ave. Bayfront Expressway and Willow Road, Bayfront Expressway
   and University Avenue. Some of these streets are heavily used currently as
   pass-through corridors from U.S. Route 101 to Highway 84, Bayfront
   Expressway and the Dumbarton Bridge. To date there is no planned relief.


   This is dangerous for our children who commute round trip to and from
   school as a pedestrian, walking and/or biking. During commute hours our
   children are unable to cross some major intersections as a result of no
   safety officers being present and vehicles who ignore traffic laws, running
   stop lights and stop signs, ignoring limit line rules by blocking
   crosswalks and keep clear street statement.


   “Measures to mitigate (i.e., avoid, minimize, rectify, reduce,
   eliminate, or compensate for) significant impacts accompany each impact
   discussion as needed”. Consequently the Belle Haven Community being faced
   with two Environmental Impact Reports is a reason to haunt this process
   until the community is fully informed.

Thank you,

Cecilia Taylor

Annielka Pérez

Briget Louie

Chantaell Barker

Donna Monroe

Kadar Bey

Adrienne Ali

Robbie Young

Jason Winn

Erika Donaldson

Pamela Jones

Alfred Taylor

Esmirna Ramirez
Mario Pérez
Received on Mon Jul 11 2016 - 16:40:43 PDT

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